End of Reality
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The end of reality, a notion so dire,

A thought that sets minds and souls afire.

The very fabric of our world unwinds, As the veil of existence slowly unbinds.

What once was tangible, solid and true, Begins to fade, like a morning dew.

The sky above, no longer blue,

But a swirling vortex of crimson hue.

The ground beneath, it cracks and shakes,

As the end of all things, slowly awakes. The stars above, they fall and fade,

As reality, like a dream, begins to evade.

The end of all that we've ever known,

A fate that chills us to the bone.

A world that once seemed so secure, Now slips away, leaving nothing pure.

The end of reality, a notion so bleak,

A fate that none of us can seek.

The final curtain, it begins to close,

As the end of all things, finally shows.

Let us cherish what we have,

And hold it close, like a sacred salve. For in the end, all we have is now,

And when reality fades, it's all we'll allow.

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