Enter the Garden
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Enter the garden, there’s work to be done.
For the seeds of the future shall be planted among the blissful spring showers.
Take care of how you handle the saplings. For their stalks are fragile and they haven’t yet established their roots in the world.
Show them the light, and keep them warm and well-fed. For nurturing the young sprouts is key for their healthy future.
Don’t be frustrated if you stumble and fail in the beginning. Growing a garden is no easy task.
If you truly care about your garden, push past any mistakes you make and give it the care and time it needs.

Return to the garden, for the crops require your attention.
The cozy afternoon sun provides endless opportunities to bask in its warmth and play in the fields.
To rest in the shade produced by the fruits of your labor.
But don’t be lulled into a false sense of complacency.
The sun can just as easily become a harsh drought under which even the hardiest plants can wither to ash.
Struggles and hardships await you in the fields, but despair will do you no good.
Focus instead on the things you can change with your efforts.
Diligent work will be key if you wish to see your garden grow.

Look at the garden, it’s time to admire all you have accomplished.
Through weeds and weather, sickness and storm you persevered, nurturing your garden.
As the months slowly flowed by you waited. Watching each bud slowly blossom.
And that patience has been well rewarded.
The harvest has begun, a time when family and friends gather for a final celebration of all your achievements.
Wistful memories of your year in the garden, overshadowed this day by the satisfaction and joy your efforts have brought.
Don’t mourn the idea of leaving the garden behind.
Time and change are inescapable. Instead of grieving for the slow loss of the plants around you, take a moment to appreciate the last bits of beauty the autumn leaves have to offer.

It's time to leave the garden, there’s nothing there for you anymore.
The soil is barren and cold, buried deep beneath the snow.
Lifeless fields remain untended, forgotten as the spirit takes comfort away from the outside world.
It's easy to forget what was now that the garden lies in peaceful silence.
The thought that life ever blossomed in such a desolate land seems laughable.
But winter is not as insurmountable as it may seem.
Snow melts and the ground will thaw as spring returns.

And the garden will be yours to enter once again.

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