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Shelf Sideways 25FF, dedicated to the Priest Born Without Smell or Mind

Little is known of the Priest Born Without Smell of Mind, but it is rumored by the Ancient Krolloth who dwelt within the Library's furthest reaches1, that he was the leader of a small cult on an unnamed continent, who scooped out his brain from his skull and sliced off his nose as penitence towards his dark god, and in turn, gave up his own name. However, as the Ancient Krolloth is not considered to be a reliable source of knowledge, this origin is apocryphal. The first concrete record of the Priest, following his supposed "birth," was in well trafficked corners of the Library, where patrons would see him kneel, and fill his hollow head from a bowl of strong tea. He would not speak, and when pressed would simply write that he was a pilgrim. He would then offer to readers crude clay cups of his own making to dip into his open skull cavity, and taste of his libations. For over seventeen generations, the Priest brewed drinks and served food from his own head to patrons lost within their own readings, distracted from the needs of their flesh. In time, he became regarded by staff and patrons alike as a sort of beloved figure. Following the seventeenth generation, the Priest abruptly stood up, spilling a soup he was offering, and walked through a Way to the fortress of the Delegations of Alameda2, never to be seen in the Library again. In his honor, several coffee shops and small bakeries are open throughout the library for patrons of all origins to enjoy.

1. A homeless sage of reptilian origin who acted as a informal assistant to the Docents. A general nuisance, he was eventually joined into the Docents' ranks, but not before his questionable knowledge was recorded.
2. Warfarers who are known by many names by many people, little information is known beyond the knowledge that they were the creators of the Red Door Room, and other such places. It is also known that they do not take prisoners alive.

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