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Shelf West 04156U, dedicated to Grayfoot and his Fire-Breathing Fish

In 1895, Grayfoot stumbled across a pond filled with fish that were able to breath fire. Grayfoot studied the fish, and then wrote a book about them, A Study on the Fire-Fish. One day, Grayfoot stumbled upon a Way, and saw a place where people could read his book. So, he requested A Study on the Fire-Fish be put on the shelves.

The Library reluctantly accepted his request, and put his 617-page book about the fire-breathing fish on Shelf 4156T.

In 1913, Grayfoot requested a glass aquarium for his fish in the Library. The Library accepted this, and Grayfoot began work on his aquarium, which took up a large portion of the Library. When Grayfoot finished his glass aquarium in 1925, he transported all his fire-breathing fish to it.

One fateful day on 1938, Grayfoot was reading a book next to the glass aquarium. One of the fire-breathing fish leaped out of the aquarium and onto the ground. Out of its mouth, came its fire-breath, which lit the bottom of Shelf 4156T on fire, causing it to collapse on the aquarium, burning Grayfoot, all his fire-breathing fish, and A Study on the Fire-Fish.

For your fishy fire, Grayfoot, we will remember you.

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