Entry 14 - Sweets
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’What is this?’ I hear you say. ’Are you just playing Minecraft at this point?’

Minecraft didn’t invent the concept of building a house.

I’m playing Ihatethesestupidsolidtreescraft.

My copper axe is one hit away from breaking. (’Hurr durr go find diamonds and upgrade’-shut up.) But my pile is growing bigger by the hour. Barring an attack from whatever this planet’s equivalent of termites are, it’s set to remain for later.

What I really need is a handsaw, but that means metal.

I set out again today. Checked the traps, nothing yet, unsurprisingly. But I brought along a new stone shovel. It’s time to pay the copper spot a visit.

Of course, the me that found our copper deposit decided to fall off a cliff. But before that, he left a marker, one I’d be able to recognize.

I retraced my steps back to where I found my last body, down in the ravine. After a fun day of backtracking and following hazy landmarks, I found the spot. The sun was going down, but I could tell the bottom was empty, my body was gone.

I hope it was a lot of little things that made it disappear, and not one big thing.

I made camp a good distance from the edge (I didn’t want to have to follow my journal compass here a second time) and started a fire. Let’s say I’m polishing off my rusted skills, and I had a flickering flame going in no time. Everything was fine, I was just wondering what new nocturnal weasel I could find for dinner when the rain came down.

Just like that, back in the cold.

I said before that the rain tasted sweet, now it felt almost like an insult. Oh well, rain has never bothered me. I’ll do what I can: Find the nearest tree with the thickest canopy, sit myself under it, and close my eyes.

Woke up to a red lump sleeping in my lap. Thought for a moment a giant leech had fused with my torso. Whatever I did next was enough movement to wake it. It looked up at me with two black eyes, then poked out its long, skinny, tongue, and bounded off.

It’s for the best, this is no place for cute animal sidekicks. I’ll call it a lapbean, because that’s the type of gritty name you give to a non-animal sidekick.

Please sigh for added immersion.

Anyway, I found the marker. Testu #2 wasn’t kidding when he said he made it like home. I thought for a moment that I was back at Cirso when I saw the symbol. Looking around, I found more teal rocks, more copper. Judging from the trees around me, I’d say the bedrock is a good distance down.

So here I am again, digging a hole.

Are you entertained? I hope so.

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