Entry 16 - Storm
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When Columbus was returning from his first voyage across the Atlantic, his battered, leaky caravel found itself caught in a storm that seemed destined to take him and all knowledge of his newfound lands to the abyss. In his hour of desperation, all that mattered was that people knew what he had done. Everything on his journey, the lands, the discoveries, he wrote down in a letter. He coated it with wax, sealed it in a barrel, and had it tossed into the waves.

Sometimes I wonder if that’s what this journal is. Minus the impending genocide and mass-subjugation in the name of gold and glory. No, I’m carrying my own copper back home. At least this time, no Spainard is going to chop off my hands for being late. And no Sunrise™ Security Employee is going to cut my rations either.

Hey, at least the kids got a day off school.

Making a mold for a handsaw is harder than you’d think. I haven’t exactly tested any designs against this planet’s wood, so I don’t know if it’ll even work. Fun thing about metal though, you can always recycle it.

I dumped the copper in a pile near the wood. I’ll have to move it to a better place later so it doesn’t corrode in the rain. Placed the mold and some nuggets in the pit and set it alight. We’ll have our answers in a few hours.

Took some time to proofread the last couple pages. I really have to stop myself from venting too much. Learn more into the Stardew Valley atmosphere rather than the Factorio one.

Also cut down on the random pop culture references. You’re not the Big Bang Theo

Laid down and looked at the stars while the fire crackled nearby. Woke up to the treeline in flames.

Tried throwing water on it. Didn’t work. Spent the next few hours digging a trench around it. That worked better.

When the sun rose I was able to survey what I’d made of this little part of the ecosystem. I won’t be short on charcoal soon, though not all of it was from the trees. Several of the animals were new to me, though it was hard to tell what they looked like before the fire took them.

I think a lot of people would’ve lived a lot longer if Columbus drowned.

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