Entry 4 - Memories
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So I have a problem.

The replicator’s saving mechanism is broken.

The last time it copied my body and mind was the night I arrived here. This makes things difficult.

My replicate will have all my memories up until I teleported to the ground and started suffering from radiation poisoning. From my perspective, I’ll write the first lines in my journal, hit the button on the replicator, and then wake up in it. It'll be days, months, or even years later, surrounded by things I don’t remember making.

It will be jarring, I’m sure. But I think I’ll be able to piece it together quickly. The only thing I’d have is my journal. I always know where it is, and it’s always on me, so it should lead me straight to the last place I died, and then I’ll read through it to catch up on everything I’ve done.

It’s going to happen at some point, I’m not confident on getting out of here without dying at least a few times.

I need some time to think.

I’ll have this sticking out the top of the book, so it’s the first thing I’ll spot when I find it.

To: Amnesia Me
From: Previous Me

Hey idiot, the save thingy on the replicator broke, so you don’t remember anything past teleporting here, throwing up, hitting the button, and waking up confused. Then you came here and found the journal and (most likely) our previous body. If that accurately sums up your circumstance, please go to the list below, scratch out the previous me, and put the method of death if you know it. Then add yourself to the list.

Testu #1
Tried to fight a nuclear meltdown with a fire extinguisher.

Testu #2
Currently kicking.

You’re on an alien planet and your goal is to make a new spacecraft with a warp core and get out. I don’t know how far along we’ve gotten since last time, but now it’s on you to continue. I know you don’t remember anything that we’ve learned about this place since we got here, so for the sake of our survival I’ll jot it all down in a list:

Make a new replicate as soon as possible, do not do anything dangerous until a new replicate is made.

This planet has no large moons, the seasons will be extreme.

The spring water is drinkable, but hot.

There’s clay by the spring. Cross-Diamond pots are still in fashion.

Be entertaining. Good chance some Library patron is already looking through this.

Finally, add anything you learn to this list yourself. We both know we're going to be in this situation again. We need all the information we can get.

I’ll stick it inside the front cover, to make it even more obvious. I want to bring myself up to speed as quick as possible when the time comes.

Now that that’s done, on to getting settled.

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