Entry 6 - Sunset
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Alright, enough messing with totems.

I’ve got my shelter set up. Sticks and straw set together to make the most rudimentary tent you’ve ever seen. But it’ll do for now.

I don’t need a place to put my stuff, this hill is roomy enough to leave it wherever for a bit. Provided the rain isn’t acidic. I’ll have to wait and see about that.

My two new priorities: Food and minerals. I saw a creature run past a bit ago. Plump and bipedal, a bit like an ostrich, its skin was rough, a dark purple color. But it had these patches of white feather-like quills. It had two eyes on each side of its head, a herbivore most likely. That could mean a nearby pack. I’ll call it a Purple Goose.

I have my spear, my knife, and my water bottle. I’m hoping to make better equipment with whatever I find around me. Time to go scouting.

Spent the day wandering through the forest and hills. It rained, just a little, more of a sprinkle. I gave the water a taste-test. Slightly sweet. Odd. Seems safe enough though.

I spent my time looking in every direction. Up to check the weather. Left, right, forward, and back to check for animals or any other unwanted visitors. And down to check for anything growing or sitting. That’s the one that paid off.

A little teal rock nudged halfway in the grass. Even all the way out here, copper has the same look.

When my people found a deposit of something useful, we’d make a marker. Something obvious, with some informative symbols carved onto it.

I propped up a large stick, and hammered a white rock into the top. I carved the old symbol for copper onto it, as well as the symbol for my tribe. There’s nobody out here, nobody I need to prove my claim to, but I wanted it to feel complete.

I won’t know how big the deposit is, or if there even is one at all, until I come back with the right tools.

Speaking of, I should make some. An axe is a must, easy enough, just a wedge-shaped rock. A shovel too, or at least something to scoop dirt with.

On Cirso, we were always on the move, chasing the herds of tomorques through the plains. You learn quick to craft and walk at the same time.

I smashed two rocks into the rough shapes I wanted, and polished them as I walked. Surprisingly, the muscle memory came flowing back. Now I have an axe and a dirt-scooper.

Make no mistake, these are temporary until I can go back for that copper. Us Dwelves (as the humans called us) weren't a bunch of stone-age cavemen. My tribe knew how to work iron. Problem is, you can't exactly set up a forge when you're constantly moving. We won't have that problem, though. We knew the other metals, copper, tin, bronze, but we employed those scarcely.

No, metal was a settled creature's material. But seeing as fate has settled me here, I might as well make use of it.

I’m very glad I was looking down.

This ravine is well hidden, and steep, but not too deep. I’ll do a more thorough investigation in a few minutes. But for now I should mention that I’ve been hiking up one of the larger hills in the area, just in time to see the sun set.

Sunsets on Earth were always this nice orange, the type that made me hungry sometimes. Sunsets on Cirsco were red, almost blood-like. Here, it’s more white, like a bright light spreading out.

I could step back and picture a painting of thi--------

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