Ezazel, goddess of impossible: Black moon, part 1 of 2
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She sat there under the tree canopy, pondered questions about creation, and about her own existence.

Why do i exist?

Why does the universe create a place for unreal things, impossible things?

What role does it play in creation?

Those were the questions the woman was thinking about.

The woman looked up at the spots of light on the branches of the tree that she was leaning against. Whenever a possible universe is created above, an impossible one created below. The branches that hold those impossible universes stretch high into the sky, and they keep growing higher.

A small light fell from a branch, and the woman reached out to catch it. Holding that universe in her hand, her mind raised questions again.

Impossible and impossible again, until to the point when it falls and dies. Why did creation make a place for things which cannot become reality? Has some error occurred? I don't know.

The woman let go of that small ray of light, and let it sink into the black water below.

Am i a joke? Because i was tasked to manage a place that does not exist, that is not real, instead of managing a part of the world above like my sisters.

So i am lonely here, alone in the abyss of the universe.

How many times have i tried to free myself from this accused place, to escape this role. But the immortality of a god doesn't allow me to do that.

How many times have i tried to pierce my heart with the spear, only to fail when it healed itself?

How many times have i tried to drown myself beneath the surface, only to realize that i don't need to breathe to live?

How many times have i tried to gather all my energy and explode, only to wake up again and find my body intact?

I can't count anymore. I curse the immortality of a god.

I don't want to be the embodiment of the impossible anymore, i don't want to be Ezazel anymore. I want freedom.

The woman sat up from the tree, and began walking on the water surrounding the tree. She walked and thought again.

I am lonely at the abyss, with no one to share my most desperate moments. Not even my own parents.

I have never seen my parents, even when i was born; i simply appeared out of nothingness with this body.

Oh Creator, why did you bind me to non-existence and then leave me alone here?

The woman's eyes began to well up with tears. And when she could no longer hold back, tears began to flow from her eyes.

Those tears were the sadness she kept in her heart, the sadness of loneliness, of dreams that could not come true.

Creator a word she learned from mortal creatures. And even though she has never met the Creator, she still believes in the existence of a higher power that governs everything, and she always prays to he, hoping one day he will free her.

But he never responds….



It's like a sphere. That huge and beautiful thing emitted dazzling rays of light that illuminated the surrounding darkness, and contained within those endless sphere were endless potentialities.

Those potentialities, when given form, would become the planets that mortal beings know today, but there was one thing those mortal beings do not know about the planets; that they are infinite.

But how can these spherical planets be infinite in size and mass? It is because the limited perspective of mortal beings makes it impossible for them to see the truth that the planets are planes of existence.

But unlike those creatures; i am a god, and because of that my perspective is not limited by anything, so i can see the true shapes of those planets, and they are beautiful.

The endless colors connect with each other at their borders creating a beautiful colorful sky. It's even more wonderful when the universe creates an limitless number of these potential.

While traveling between those planets or planes, i tried to look inside those planets to see what they were hiding inside. And i was almost overwhelmed when inside those planets were other potentials, and those potentials were the creatures living in it.

The creatures on that planet are extremely diverse, from lower lifeforms like animals to those developed in social aspects. Most remarkable are those intellectually developed ones; they strongly develop their spiritual nature and if they nurture that nature long enough, it will be enough to turn them into new life forms of spirituality.

Oh, how great the universe is; as above, so below. It projects itself into each thing within it, and allows those things to become as great as itself through a prolonged spiritual process.

Oh, how wonderful and beautiful this world is, it is so different from the world i was bound to - wobbly, darkness, and loneliness were the only things i had when i was there.

I want to be here forever and be a part of it, a part of this greatness. And for a moment, i thought about giving up the task of protecting impossible worlds so that i could live forever in this possible paradise, but if so; who would protect all impossible worlds?

I was fascinated to see these creatures live, and do what their free will desired. I looked deeper into the empire of those creatures to see more clearly the wonderful things it had, such as their stories and myths, what new gods they worshiped and the roles of those new gods in their world? I will know soon.

But when i looked at the gods they worshiped, i was stunned to see myself among the gods they worshiped. They call me “goddess of the impossible,” and they praise me as a hero of existence.

(I'm not too surprised that they know about my stories, for that is how creation works. Everything is vibrations of sound, and when a mind intercepts a vibrations; everything about that vibrations appears in that person's mind as a work of fiction or mythology.)

They tell tales of the enemies i have vanquished as mythological stories for them to learn from. I do not understand, why do they worship me? Worship the impossible?

I am confused by the situation before me. Does my protection of the impossible worlds hold some vital significance for them? For all forms of life in the possible worlds?

I look to the other worlds, and to my surprise; all the other worlds also worship me.

They tell tales of the entities i have vanquished to protect the impossible worlds as a great epic of a goddess who safeguarded possible existence by guarding the impossible. But i seldom visit these possible worlds and have never protected them from anything, so why do they say i have protected possible existences?

I am perplexed and contemplating. Is the impossible somehow connected to the possible?

When i thought about that question, i thought of another one. Am i wrong? Wrong in thinking that my existence and impossible worlds are meaningless?

Those thoughts were interrupted when i felt unusual signs from the universe. The threads of fate that bind and shape the destiny of every living creature, woven by my sisters, are in trouble. They were starting to disappear.

I extended my perspective to the very edge of the universe and realized that it was contracting. The universe was slowly dying.

How can this be? It has not yet reached the time when it must die.

Those thoughts of mine were once again interrupted when i felt the pain and a loss of vitality within myself. The impossible worlds were in trouble.

I quickly traveled back to the shadow of the universe. And when i arrived there, something not very pleasant was awaiting me.

Enveloping the trunk and branches were black, slimy substances, but it was not just that simple. From the slime grew a wolf-like head, and this head had no eyes, upon it a cap in the shape of a black moon.

I looked at the branches, and realized the tree was withering, with countless branches having fallen. And the impossible worlds were dying along with those branches.

The wolf-like head seemed to have sensed my presence. It turned towards me, and with each successive sentence, another mouth grew to speak.

"Hello little blue lamb… i am Black Moon… the end of time… the Big crunch.”

Black Moon? But hasn't the universe not yet reached its ending?

"You are acting out the laws of everything, the universe has not yet come to its end." I said to the creature.

"Yes… but i have waited too long… but thanks to you for leaving this place alone… i had the chance to destroy everything.”

But thanks to you leaving this place alone. No, i accidentally helped this creature destroy everything. But i will solve this problem i caused.

I drew the spear i had been carrying on my back and used it to poke into the wolf's forehead (I did this to inflict a wound on the monster and thereby destroy its physical form, expelling it back into the void, for a universal force like it is eternal and imperishable), but the creature did not even seem to feel pain, and instead grew tentacles from the wound to attack me.

I quickly dodged the attack, and at the same time made a long gash on one of the tentacles, causing its blood and innards to spill out. But from that wound, more tentacles began growing from the wolf's slimy body, and they started to rush towards me.

I bent reality to erase those tentacles, and then i flew through the slimy body of the creature, intent on finishing it with a single thrust. But before i could fly through, the spines from the creature's body had grown long and pierced my own body.

I cried out in pain, and as the wolf let its guard down at the sight, i launched my spear through its throat and ended it by shattering it into countless fragments through my ability to bend reality.

All that remained of the creature was a bit of slime left scattered on the ground. I approached to retrieve my spear, but then i realized the creature was still alive.

The remaining piles of slime reformed the creature, and it began howling in rage.

They say that when the Black Moon howls its howl, it is a harbinger of an existence about to end.

And that existence is about to end is none other than my own.

I could feel it; my existence was being erased, and even my memories and everything about me was fading away.

And then i fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

I fall.

Into the void beyond.

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