Family Co. Replacement Parent User Guide
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Hello User! Thank you for purchasing the Family Co. Replacement Parent (Female Version). We are pleased to have you as a customer, and hope you are fully satisfied with our product. The instructions you are holding will guide you through the process of setting up and maintaining your replacement parent. Contained in this package you will find one (1) Family Co. Replacement Parent Version (Female Version), three (3) extra mental circuitry components, two (2) replacement limbs, and one (1) Family Co. Replacement Parent User Guide.

The first part of setting up your Family Co. Replacement Parent is appearance modification. There are over 100 pre-selected appearances for you to choose from, but if you are not satisfied, you may create a custom appearance. Simple select Control Panel > Customization > Appearance > Creation from the back control screen to bring up the customization menu. You may create an appearance using programmed features, or scan a photo, video, or other medium depicting the desired appearance. Once you have selected your appearance, click apply and watch your Family Co. Replacement Parent transform before your eyes. Make sure that this is the desired appearance, as it cannot be changed once applied unless a $1000 appearance modification fee is paid. Please stand at least 10 feet away from your Family Co. Replacement Parent during the appearance application process. Family Co. is not responsible or liable for any injury due to heat or shrapnel incurred during the appearance application process.

Once the appearance has been set, personality must be applied. If you have a pre-recorded mem-disk, simply insert it into the disk drive in the back of your Family Co. Replacement Parent's head. Following insertion, please wait 12-48 hours for installation and personality adaption. If you do not have a pre-recorded mem-disk, you must either purchase one (available for 45.55$ at the Family Co. Supply Store), or use one of the five pre-loaded personalities (Businesswoman, partier, harpy, father-figure, or floozy). As these personalities are pre-loaded, they do not require any time to install and can be booted up quickly. For more information on the habits, hobbies, tastes, and mannerisms of each personality, please see section 27 subsection 5 of this manual.

At this point only one final step is necessary- memory implantation. If you chose one of the pre-installed personalities, these memories have already been installed. Simply scan the appearance and names of you and your children and insert them into the disk drive to adapt the memories to your family. If you already have a mem-disk with the desired memories, simply insert it into the disk drive and allow 2-24 hours for installation. If you do not have an appropriate mem-disk and did not select one of the pre-installed personalities, you may choose custom memories for you Replacement Parent. The Replacement Parent comes pre-packaged with over 10,000 replacement memory scenarios, including vacations, school recitals, graduations, sporting events, and visiting family members. Select the ones you want and scan the appearance of you and your children as normal, then wait 2-4 hours for memory adaption.


At no time is the Family Co. Replacement Parent to be made aware of its artificial nature, and doing so may lead to depression, suicidal thoughts, violent impulses towards you or your loved ones, and voided warranty. It is recommended by Family Co. that your children not be informed of their new parents artificial nature, and it be passed off as a new, organic spouse.

Research has shown that Family Co. Replacement Parents can go, on average, three years before they begin to question their existence and nature. Should your Replacement Parent show signs of depression, isolation, or existentialism, please inform us. We will gladly replace your product for a 75% discount. If you believe you or your loved ones are endangered by your Replacement Parent, please inform us. Do not attempt to engage a violent or disruptive Replacement Parent physically or psychologically.

Thank you for your purchase, and we hope you enjoy our product!

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