Father's Toy
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When I was a young child
My father had a toy
Sometimes my father
Would take me outside at sunset
And would hold the toy up to the horizon
And when the sunlight hit it just right
It would shine
Almost glow
As the light passed through
The dark green stone in the center
And the light had a story to tell
But it never had time to finish.
When I was an older child
I snuck into my father's room
In the dead of night
And I saw the toy
And I got the feeling
The toy saw me too
So I picked it up
Its round silver body
Even though
There was no light
And it told me something
That I cannot tell you
Because it can't be said
But it said it to me.
My father died one day
When our house burned down
And all of our dreams burned with it
It happened in the evening
And I still don't know why
But the flames died down
As the sun was setting
And as I stood in the ashes
Of what was and what wasn't
Something caught my eye
And I held it up to the horizon
And it shone.

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