Fear and Loathing in the Wanderers' Library
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Duke Gathers, by Ralph Steadman

"I don't like talking about myself," some will tell you, "I prefer my work to speak for me."

Horseshit, I say!

Everyone likes talking about themselves like they're the brightest star in the godsdamned heavens. That's the reason most modern media exists at all! Fake modesty and phony attempts at being humble amount to shit, and that's the reason I'm gonna tell you all about myself.

Who the fuck am I and why should you care?

Name's Gathers, Duke Gathers, and I'm the lizard with the guts and gizzard to give you the news as is: raw, ugly and weird… very weird.

That's all. Want more? Read the fuck on.

Buckle up, you Wandering fools! We're in bat country now!

Adventures in Drugs and Decay

Something Wild, Something New, Something Which Nobody Knew

Art for the Lizard

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