From "A History of Heathens"
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The following is excerpted from the right-wing history textbook, "A History of Heathens: How the Devil and His Sinners have Doomed the World"

The Hanged King

After the heathens rose to power following the election of the Grand Satanist Diogenes Mortley to Head Librarian, a Dark Age of sin and debauchery descended onto the Library, as foretold by the Wise Prophet, Daniel of the Ancient Scrolls.

The wise, most notably the Holiest Leader Benedict the Fourth, and his Divine Undersecretary Garreth the Ninth, seeing that the Day of Judgement was soon to be nigh, hatched a cunning and Divine plan to depose the heathens and end the reign of the sinners! To that end, they called unto the Lord to crush the nonbelievers and restore His faith to the Library!

The Lord heard their cries and sent down His Archangel, The Hanged King, who took the body of the Holiest of the Holy—Marcus the Seventeenth. Thus blessed with the awesome power of the LORD, he quickly began dealing with the sinners, swiftly giving His divine justice to those who sought out the forbidden knowledge.

Those who read the Hanged One's books suffered the divine penalty of disobedience to the LORD! The mark of the heathen proceeds as thus:

  • FIRST! The sinner will begin to see the Hanged King in his life. This is the Lord's way of giving the foolish heretic a chance to repent and believe in the ONE TRUE GOD!
  • SECOND! The sinner will begin to slowly have the Hanged One alter his daily life to fit more within the prescribed method for Salvation as outlined in the One True Book!
  • FINALLY! The sinner will be struck with the error of their ways, and will proceed to atone for their sins! In some, exceedingly special occurrences, the sinner will atone for the sins of others as well! This will not ease their damnation, but it will show others the Supreme Folly of their Ways!

However, the heretics were not content to be shown the follies of their ways, being the divine idiots that the heretics were! They began to fully rebel against His teachings and His divine emissary, burning the heretical texts which He inhabited and others besides.

It is a mark of a sinner when not even the sacred books of his belief are safe from vile insult and damage!

Thus, the Hanged King vanished from the annals of the sinners, abandoned and forgotten like the One True Lord.

Fear not, though! for His children will not take an insult to His glory passively! We will continue to share His glory and His truth with the sinners, for only then will the depths of their sins become apparent!

Laus sit suspensus Rex!

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