Finally, Victory
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"The Cuban government has released the Paranormal pa-"


The man's TV turned off with a click of a button.

A sudden wave of pure dopamine, pure happiness, pure relief flooded into him. His heart became warm. The old man, usually cold in his nature, became ecstatic. It almost brought him back in time, to those times at Christmas where he would get to have a slice of apple, or orange. For the first time in a long time, he was truly happy.

Everything he had ever fought for. Everything he had hoped in. Everything he had prayed for. It all had just happened, before his eyes. All because of a mistake.

A good mistake. A nice mistake. A happy mistake.

The world had finally come to the point where the veil had shattered. Where he wouldn't need to hide behind a curtain of normalcy, where he wouldn't need to be afraid of getting shot by a book burner or kidnapped by a jailor every time he left his home.

The world had freed itself from the chains of oppression, the anomalous could now interact with the normal. He could finally be himself, a free being.

Akiva released a sigh of relief, For it was all over. A hundred and fifty years of pain, was finally over.

For now? He'd just have to call his fellow serpents to deliver the good news.

Finally, Victory.

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