Flesh Rhapsody

Content Warning: Self Harm, Gore

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my flesh is so evil
my skin so tight
my skeleton so crude
so cramped
so wrong
am i supposed to hate it all?

one day
i will take a
and dismantle everything.

one day
i will flay my
so my blood may

i will brush the boisterous blade
throughout the terrible tissue
across one point,
then to the other,
and only then
have i broken
this body coffin
and only then
may my muscles taste
the air
that always surrounded them.

i shall part with the punctured pulp
tossing it aside
like a dirty rag
and run wildly
into the cold night
with my free feet

an unleashed beast.

and when i finally
in a damp street corner
my fractured form will fade
the eyes slink to the sewers
the bones burrow beneath the brickwork
the meat melts
into gas
and rises
to the sky.

and after annihilation
only my soul
will remain


for it is the only organ
that i do not hate.

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