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I loved the smell

Of the meadow in spring.

The sky was alight

With laughter
And good cheer,

And my darling dear

Was beside me.

She smiled, And looked at me-
Amber eyes shining in the sun as she

Marveled at me,

Sunflower in hand.

She'd asked me;

" Do you still like yellow? "

And I had replied,

" Yes. "

And she had smiled wider,
The edges of her amber eyes crinkling
With laughter -
as she parted her pink lips

And laughed so softly,

My heart did a flutter
And I knew

That I loved her.

We stood in a meadow
Of sunflowers and daisies

The sunflowers growing tall
And the daisies growing lazy.

We had walked in that meadow
For a whole night

Before I got down on my knee
And asked if she would be mine.

And in this moment,
I would miss how she laughed.

How she looked at the world
As a brilliant shade of
Color never being
Absent from her , Or light.

We moved into a house
And we planted sunflowers

All around the house
and inside,

The more was better.

And one day,
I came home

But the sunflowers were

No longer yellow.

They were gray
Splattered with red

And my world seemed to shatter.

My heart stopped in my chest
And my eyes, They soon wandered

To a sinking
Of the garden

Where my beloved had wandered.

Upon her neck
Had been a gash

Her innards

Spilling out

Onto the daisies
And onto the yellow

Her life force
Dripping out.

She was pale as the sun

On that calm meadow day
Where I'd asked her if

She wouldn't mind if we'd stay

Together forever
Til God's grace we did pray
To separate and let us live
Apart, If it was great.

But now

The garden
We worked so hard for

Seemed barely
Enough to live for.

And I collapsed then,

Body among the sunflowers

Which hues of yellow,
Vibrant amber

Slowly faded
And mellowed.

There was no joy here now.

I no longer wished for the meadow.

For my darling dear was gone,

And so was the color yellow.

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