Fool's Gold
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Devil's temptation
A prick on the lips
The taste of blood, my own
Warm, like striking iron,
Haven't we learned that love hurts?

To want something untouchable, untameable
A cardinal desire for the love of the holy, not for the sinner
But that's just what I am, aren't I?
Dead man staked in the ground and falling, even further,
knowing that a demon can't rise out of the grave it dug for itself

A hazardous ghost on the waves, perhaps, floating, like ice
But that glacier, melting, into a roiling storm over the sea
Untouched by fire, yet still casting the sky red in its mourning

Sailor, oh sailor, take warning
There is only fool's gold to be found in these depths
Promises to be broken and dreams left untethered
Do you dare hope your ship is unsinkable?

At least now I learned how to burn alive
Felt the heat, the warmth, what it means to be a candle rather than kindling
But the depths are still my home
And here I will sit, extinguished
But maybe, just maybe, remembering what it felt like to be whole.

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