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This is really fantastic tbh, your word-choice is super inspired and that moment when I read it a second time and everything clicked, just divine. Also a great reminder that vermilion does not mean green, despite my brain insisting it definitely should. "feng shui of fake spaces" is some really great dual alliteration and I appreciate carpet-box being followed directly by brand-new! So many +1 waow

by Snapdragon133Snapdragon133, 25 Feb 2024 18:36

Name: Are You Listening?

Author: Tillie Walden

Genre: Graphic novel, surrealist, slice-of-life, magical realism

Short Description:
Two queer women, lifelong acquaintances, find themselves alone on a strange roadtrip that is equal parts magical and terrifying. Wander through a surreal vision of western Texas where cats create miracles, maps never tell the truth, and road officers are hunting them down. Maybe they'll unpack their trauma along the way.

Bear in mind the trigger warnings. This is not a comic to give a child.

Perhaps just a minor mistake, but the title says Byrday and the intro lines say Erevday.
Nice work nonetheless :)

by AlwaidAlwaid, 24 Feb 2024 11:27

Very much resonates with other experiences. My own especially, though they be different from you and yours I presume. Great stuff; well done! +1

Fires rage just below the surface of the ice.

by NotAnOligarchNotAnOligarch, 24 Feb 2024 04:31
PliltPlilt 24 Feb 2024 02:04
in discussion Per Page Discussion / Per page discussions » Possessed

I really thought this was about crippling self-doubt. So yeah, it resonates with other experiences as well.

Good work.

by PliltPlilt, 24 Feb 2024 02:04

This is so similar to how I feel so often every day of my existence. Dear god. The skill on display here is positively enormous. Good job. I love it.

I'm gonna go cry.

by MaddGasserGatonMaddGasserGaton, 23 Feb 2024 22:59

The fact that i have missed an oxford comma will forever hurt my soul. i apologize sincerely to all those I have hurt in this unfortunate lapse in judgement.
Thanks kindly, AKA. i'll get those revisions shipped off to the rewrite factory for application. Thank you for your work, I salute you. Might come back and pick your mind further after another revision. Kisses,

Fires rage just below the surface of the ice.

Howdy! Thought I'd stop by and see what's-what.

Re: Crit request: Argonaut by AKAM80AKAM80, 23 Feb 2024 18:56

The true message of the piece dawned on me earlier than it would have if I were not a transgender woman, but the crushing horror giving way to triumphant liberation resonated all the same. Fantastic. Just fantastic. This cuts to the core and lays bare the suffocating dread of dysphoria, while instilling the hope for better days ahead.


the horror of having a body by SpoddetmanSpoddetman, 23 Feb 2024 17:23

Brilliant! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. This piece accomplishes what it set out to do with flying colors. Painfully relatable, too. Really good work.

by meltedbeemeltedbee, 23 Feb 2024 16:31

My goal was to convey the struggle with transfeminine gender dysphoria in a way that both did not require any particular prior knowledge or lived experience, and did not use any words like "trans", "gender", or "dysphoria". Particularly, I hoped to make the work accessible to cisgender readers. Since it is highly abstract, I recognize that the story may also resonate with other types of experiences.

Thanks to KufatKufat and wctaiwan for their draft feedback.

Author Post by aismallardaismallard, 23 Feb 2024 16:18
Re: New Articles 5 by aismallardaismallard, 23 Feb 2024 16:17

nono trust me I am a professional and would never miss something like this (like what, I didn't miss anything what are you talking about (I should get more sleep, and maybe not publish crit at 11 at night))

Fires rage just below the surface of the ice.

Okay so HUGE thank you for this, this is super helpful and, of course, above and beyond what I expected. I've been getting to work fixing up the issues you pointed out and thinking on your pointers, but I just want to say:

Outside an owl hooted outside and he tensed.

I uh. You might want to read that again, "hooted" isn't the problem here lmao

Deletions - 2024/2/21

Re: Deletions by Snapdragon133Snapdragon133, 21 Feb 2024 23:42

Every year we hold a survey to get an idea of how the WL community has changed, what their interests are for the future of the site, and more. That time of the year has rolled around again, so we'd really appreciate as many of you as possible to take this short survey about yourself and your experience with the site - especially if you've taken a similar survey like this before, as this is a yearly thing with new questions! Most of the data accrued from the survey will then be compiled and posted on the main site for everyone to view, and will affect how we move forward this year. Thank you!


There are a bunch of tags I've seen that aren't on this list, like atypical-creature, third-person/first-person, future earth, etc. Should those be added to the guide too?

by Pressed BunsonPressed Bunson, 21 Feb 2024 12:22
Gawain777Gawain777 21 Feb 2024 07:33
in discussion Per Page Discussion / Per page discussions » Astoria

Possibly the first piece I've truly read and commented on of yours. I like the relentless tone your writing has, how close it feels yet removed at the same time, glimpses of experiences perhaps personal and perhaps not, but always, only that - glimpses. It's masterfully done. +1

by Gawain777Gawain777, 21 Feb 2024 07:33

Great character work and writing as always, haunted with a sense of loss and melancholy that seems to follow Aurelia wherever she goes.

by Gawain777Gawain777, 21 Feb 2024 07:25

My heart hurt throughout, so it is a good story.

by GrendelnachtGrendelnacht, 20 Feb 2024 17:49
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