From Cyan Crow Charity Association

Notice of Donation

——Share your love, help homeless crows rebuild their nests

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If you want to:

donate an ebony stick

Please call this number on a black landline phone: 136-4O9-9Il-7O1
and tell your current address to the operator in Latin after hearing the notifying sound
We will send a blue eule to retrieve your donation
Friendly reminder: During this period, please do not move from where you are standing at the moment, or you might be thrown out due to being unable to be located by the world.

donate some smoked straws

Please use an iron tool to hit the ground at a 4/6 beat in a relatively clear space when the midnight chimes are struck
and put the straws and the iron tool on the ground after three loops and leave
We will send a golden owl to retrieve your donation

donate a cat tooth

Please send it to the following address:
Room B0l, l03 Quju Road, Fabalis Beak Zone, Shanghai City
Go wish 15 wishes below any nearby evergreen ivy, and bury the tooth under the soil beneath your feet
We will take ⅓ of your wishes and send a red gallopheasant to retrieve your donation on the morning after

donate a piece of skin from any creature

Please put the donation into a yellow plastic bag
and after confirming that the plastic bag has not been damaged, put it on a red rooftop of a white building, and paint a nearby tile blue using acrylic paint
We will send a green pigeon to retrieve your donation

donate a piece of rib cage from a mammal

Please close the doors and windows tightly, then ignite the donation after rubbing it with sandalwood incense repeatedly, extinguish it after three minutes
and say to yourself silently the following phrase in the remaining smoke:
Cyan argus's indigo feathers dyed red
We will send a cyan bluebird to retrieve your donation on 03:15 the morning after

If you only want to donate 5 cents, we have a more convenient method

Cyan Crow Charity Association
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