From Our Mailbag
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Dear Sir:
It is with deep concern that I write to you regarding your recently published article, "A Young Person's Guide to the Elements". Although I am painfully aware that my ideas were not well accepted during my lifetime, I certainly expected, after so many decades, that your publication would be familiar with my work. I beg of you, before you pollute any additional developing minds with such wrong-headed teachings, please review my Mémoire sur la combustion en général, or at least my Réflexions sur le phlogistique, both of which should be available at a nearby library, or within one of your electrified information viewers. I have never been one to threaten idly, sir, but if you heed not my advice, you may find an unpleasant haunting in your future.

yours, in spirit
M. Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794)

Fellow Being:
For all of my magickal career, I have understood that the elemental weapon of fire is the athame, while the wand is the elemental weapon of air. However, your recent article on the elements has claimed just the opposite. Please meditate on this difference, and focus your will toward receiving the True Wisdom of the Goddess. I believe if you do this, with a truly open mind, you will realize your error. I look forward to seeing a correction in your next issue.

all the Goddess's blessings,
Topaz Ravenwing

Dear Sir:

In your recent article, "A Young Person's Guide to the Elements", I see that you have maintained the Platonic tradition of identifying fire with the tetrahedron, and aether with the dodecahedron. I take issue with this idea based on the notion of planar duals.

Figure 1: A tetrahedron is its own planar dual.

Please see my enclosed Figure 1 and Figure 2. Note that the tetra-hedron is its own dual, while the dodecahedron is the dual of the icosa-hedron. If we accept the quite reasonable fact that fire is the opposite of water, and water is associated with the icosahedron, then clearly, fire should be associated with the dodecahedron so that it can be the planar dual of its opposite. This leaves the tetrahedron to represent aether, so it can be its own planar dual.

Figure 2: The dodecahedron is the planar dual of the icosahedron.

I hope this evidence provides ample reason to discontinue the outdated Platonic tradition.

Thanks for your time,
Franz Zimmermann, Ph.D.

Zkauba has having read "A Young Person's Guide to the Elements" in publication recent yours. Zkauba not have heard of elements these. Sulfur, fear, granite, and bleem are elements only true. Correct now, for the Dholes hunger great. Consequence imminent.

Zkauba, wizard of Yadith

Planasthai responds: Zkauba, for the last time, we cannot accommodate you. Please address further correspondence to the office of Jtaina, lawyer of Yadith, who is our legal representative in your section of reality.

To Whom it May Concern:
Earth, air, fire, and water, huh? No wood or metal? The anti-Asia bias of your magazine is not only highly offensive, but alienates three-fifths of your potential readership. I suggest you adapt to changing demographics before you become completely irrelevant.

Nguyen Thi Phuong

Papyrus found in the editor's office:

[letter in Egyptian hieroglyphs]

d-DHwty the scribe

Translation by Planasthai staff:
Thus speaks the scribe, Dedjehuti (i.e. "the hand of Thoth"), writer of the gods' words and friend of His Incarnation, Neb Kheper Amun, lord of the Two Lands, given life, dominion, and stability, for ever and ever. Know you this: Geb ("earth") and Shu ("air") are gods, not common materials. You must show respect to the gods!

Editor's response: Honored scribe Dedjehuti, I can assure you that no disrespect towards your beliefs was intended. Egypt is universally recognized as home to some of the greatest magicians in all of Reality. However, it is necessary for us to discuss the elements in certain ways in order to make our meaning clear. I beg for your understanding in this matter. Ankh wedja seneb.

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