From the Notebook of Sylvain Ailier

A photograph from Sylvain’s travels.

Sylvain Ailier is relatively new to the library, and possesses a penchant for meandering around lonely, long-abandoned areas with camera and notebook in hand.

The office belonging to Sylvain is filled with various trinkets collected throughout years of travel. Most are simple figurines, usually birds, carved from wood or stone. The walls are plastered with photographs of special places Sylvain plans to visit again.

Sylvain’s favorite tea is chrysanthemum.

Discovered Documents

  • Gatherers - "Strong of heart, clear of mind, keen of sight, Gather-kind."
  • Kiryu - Something to remember.
  • Written in Leaves - There is a tree with mystic leaves.

The Book of Long Shadows

Sylvain’s Notes

Travels Volume I

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