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List of This Month's Lost Properties

A chameleon leather wallet, with a leap year limited edition of bird-headed man postage stamp, a black fountain pen and a short while of tea time inside
Found at the Eagleeye Street cross-path

A copper ring painted white, with “precious” written on its surface using black marker pen【Claimed】
Found on top of 8th Residencial Building, Eagletail Street

A stainless steel thermos cup with southern breath snow, currently melted 30% and is still melting continuously
Found at the northernmost side of Gull Fur Beach

A female human's left hand, in good health conditions, fond of knocking the table at a frequency of 42 times per second with her knuckles
Found under the Horn Breadfruit tree in the Central Park

A flat green rectangle object of unknown purpose, on the surface a randomly changing number, a pressable plus sign, minus sign and an “x”
Found on the Lost Properties List of White Sparrow Lost Property Office

A transparent plastic bag, with a net weight of 20kg marble strawberry donut【Claimed】
Found in the glass shards at the windows of Eagletail Street breadwork shop

Two chattering Venus Flytrap, with two red little triangle flag in their soil, rattling on the World Cup forever
Found at the garbage collection point of Eagletail Street Residence Area

A blue pencil bag, inside are a crying charcoal pencil, a single-sided one dollar coin and three dead pencils
Found within a pile of torn up drawing paper
(Founder hadn't left further messages)

An oval half-length portrait oil painting, on the painting a linen-haired young woman wearing a wine-red dress. Fond of smoking, and feeling frustrated for no matches and right hand
Found under the parasol outside the entrance of Central Park Tuck Shop

A large sized black backpack with red triangular patternless tag stuck to it. Unable to open as the zipper got stuck. Canine barks are heard from within at 12:15 every night, stop after continuing for 5 minutes
Found beside the Scenery Lake of Central Park

A bottle of equal aspect ratio Horn Breadfruit wooden rooster sculpture, with red acrylic paint on its crest. Crows at a volume of 85 to 90 decibels at 8:15 every night.
Found within the hall at 1/F, 3rd Residencial Building, Eagle Feather Street

An orange with an emoticon “ˊ_>ˋ” drawn on its surface using black script liner. Fond of describing the scenery outside the universe to surrounding people endlessly with its underscore-like mouth.
Found outside the entrance Eagle Feather Street Office

⚠️If you are an owner of the above item(s), please come claim your lost property as soon as possible. We will incinerate all the unclaimed items on the Sacrifice Week of the month after.

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White Sparrow Lost Property Office

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