frowns on the jugglers
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you used to
ride your horse
through the woods
without hearing
the mimes crying
behind the oaks,
you used to eat
dinner around the fire
with your friends
without seeing
the crooked daggers
behind their backs,
you used to
wave and smile
at your father
without smelling
the poison
on his breath.

then, the time came
for the horse
to be sold,
for the fire
to splutter and fade,
for your father
to die in his sleep.

now, you stumble
through a clearing
in the forest
on a gray
spring morning,
hearing the laughter
of mimes in the fog,
seeing a dagger's glint
in the corner of your eye,
smelling poison in the
center of every fruit.

if you could find
a cabin in the woods
with a brown horse
and smiling friends
and sweet fruit,
would you enter?
or would you be too
afraid that it could
be struck by lightning
and burn down
to do anything
but wander the forest
until your reclamation
by the mushrooms?

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