Go Fish?
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I used to fish in the river
The waters always shook me
Or perhaps my father
We cast out our poles
He cast me down

I used to fish in the river
A tradition that loathed me
We always did argue
Into the river
Our tradition

I used to fish in the river
Imagined myself a fish
Twisting, colored, and prim
Then caught by the mouth
Killed by his hook

I used to fish in the river
One day he was old and frail
He started to fight me
But muscles gave out
And into the stream

I still go fish in the river
Thinking not of that one day
Where I to admit so
I would, yes, crumble
If I did know
The day my

One day I was fishing the river
And I saw a true gentle breeze
Drift across the meadow
Sway upon the leaves
Upon that day I thought to me
What pleasantries life must bring
To those fish in the river
Without bells to ring
Without dirges to sing

I now am right back at the river
Swimming to my heart’s content
Breathing in the aquatic realm
Diving down,
Here I am found,
As a new fish in the river

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