Grave Matters
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It is easier to die than to live,
It is easier to write than to talk,
It is easier to apologize than to ask,
It is easier to lie than to tell the truth.

I want be buried in a lead-lined casket:
So that none of my radioactivity can escape
So that all of the termites in my skin die off
So that my body cannot reanimate
So that the things I've done can die with me

I want to be buried in an unmarked grave:
So that none will remember my name
So that all my sins will be forgotten
So that my body will not be honored
So that the people I love will not mourn

I want to be buried in the forest:
So that none of my secrets can escape
So that all of the trees can hide me
So that my body can become roots
So that the view will be nice

It is easier to break than to create,
It is easier to laugh than to cry,
It is easier to kill than to save,
It is easier to burn than to bury.

But I want to be buried.

Poem found within a coffin without a body, dated 28 A.D.
Author unknown, presumed dead or otherwise gone.
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