Green Lady
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In some abandoned hospital
I find her
I wonder

The fire in her eye
The markings on her skull
The green of dress

I love her
Or perhaps
The idea of her

Her deceased lover
I wish was I
To be so wanted
So companioned
Comfortably welcomed by her side

To please her
I would bring the gifts requested
The lives demanded

I am her worshiper
Her servant

All for the momentary grace
Of her acknowledgment

I know
For once she's had her fill
Of this city's offerings
She's bound to leave
Like a ghost with no destination

And I will move on
Continuing my journey
My life
The one without her
For there never was her

Only momentary
Only a worshiper
A servant

But if our paths were to cross
Once more
The bit of me
That longs for her
Will awaken
Take over
Once more

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