Library Hall One

First Hall: The Exhibition Hall

The Library has never been limited by only the written word. Stories can be told in a variety of mediums, and the Library is not one to be picky. Here, within the liminal hallways rest the stories told through other methods - sights and sounds galore.

EH 0.00 - 0.99: Alcove of the Seen

Adorned with ink dripping from the walls and paint splatters on the floor, the items stored in this section of the Exhibition Hall focus on the visual senses. Sketchbooks, graphic novels, bestiaries, comics, and more line the shelves with select pieces hanging from the bookcases. Patrons are welcome to take the blank books and add their own visuals, but be warned not to sketch over another artists' works.

EH 1.00 - 1.99: Alcove of the Heard

Upon entering this section of the Exhibition Hall, Patrons find themselves surrounded with music and auditory stimulation. While perhaps overwhelming when first entering the Hall, Patrons can take a single work with them to enjoy the sounds in a more quiet area of the Library, or find directions to where the latest concert is happening.

EH 2.00 - 2.99: Alcove of the Constructed

Warping the very way the Library itself works, artists in this section of the Exhibition Hall bend space and time to their will. The familiar walls take on new coats of paint while the stories change their font and texture.

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