Happy Deathday
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In the realm where shadows blend with light,
Where life's journey fades into the night,
There lies a day, unique and strange,
A celebration of a life's sweet change.

On this day, we gather not in tears,
But with joy that conquers earthly fears,
For it's the Happy Deathday we proclaim,
A time to honor life's eternal flame.

Within life's quilt, where threads softly weave,
Beginnings and endings subtly cleave,
Beauty in the cycle's endless dance,
Grace within the final glance's trance.

Though the clock may cease its rhythmic chime,
And mortal coil succumbs to the sublime,
We cherish memories, precious and dear,
For in our hearts, your essence is clear.

Happy Deathday, a paradoxical cheer,
A moment when souls no longer adhere,
To earthly shackles that once held tight,
Now set free, soaring through endless light.

We celebrate the soul's triumphant height,
From this mortal realm, taking its flight,
Into the mystic realms, vast and wide,
Where eternity and love doth reside.

So raise a glass, let laughter fill the air,
For your spirit, though gone, lingers there,
In the cherished moments, shared and treasured,
In the legacy of a life well measured.

Happy Deathday, a celebration true,
Of the beautiful journey lived by you,
In this cosmic dance, forever we sway,
Honoring your presence on this special day.

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