Her, Moonlit
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Moonlight shines through an open window
The glow catching my eye
And not hers

She doesn't see the moonlight I do
She's too focused on what's in front of her
And what she wants

I see the moonlight
It illuminates the room
The table
The couch
Our scattered belongings
And my scattered self

She sees the pieces of me
Lit up by some unseen lamp
She doesn't question why
And sweeps me up

Her hands against my wrists
Hot breath against my body
Fear, love, confusion in some intricate dance
Warmth and chill and frozen terror
She rips the moonlight from my eyes
I do not come out unscathed

I ride home that night
The winter wind tearing dust from my skin
Pieces of me left behind on the street
She still doesn't see the moonlight
But I did, I did before

Silver needles still bore into me
Whenever I catch the gaze of another
I wonder if they're like her
Because she never saw the moonlight
Through the open window

But I did.
Are you reading this?

And that made all the difference.

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