History of the Divine beast
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The following stories are compilations assembled by Augustjade, intended to provide more information about the formation of the first gods of the world and their demise.

Before the first generation of gods

At the beginning of Creation, two great Old Gods: He-who-is-flesh and He-who-is-metal fought each other in an endless war for dominion over humanity.

In the war between He-who-is-flesh and He-who-is-metal, a part of the flesh of the He-who-is-flesh was blown away from his body by the sharp blades from the wings of the He-who-is-metal. That flesh soon developed itself into a separate life form, but it was not a representative part of Chaos, nor a flesh-like thing from which it was separated.

There are stories of Order rising out of Chaos and creating the world, and that flesh is the archetype from which the stories of order in those stories come. It is born, emerges from Chaos but is not a part of it, however, it is also not a pure order like that of He-who-is-metal, but a false order with itself as its sole lord.

That life form called itself the Demiurge, and if you have a rich imagination, think of a giant face made of clouds and stars; then congratulations, you have succeeded in imagining the Demiurge. The Demiurge began to head towards the young earth, which was now filled with Creation-Flesh-of-Metal .

But why earth? Because it seems to sense a very familiar part of those creatures called humans. Through its lack of knowledge, it concluded that; it is the creator of humans, and that it creates them while being created itself.

Demiurge looked down at what he thought were his creations and realized that all the forces that helped maintain life on earth were still too primitive and formless to do that. So the Demiurge decided to give those natural forces form to help run the world.

With the energy surging in his eyes, Demiurge released a stream of energy into the earth. Then, emerging from the earth were the world's first Gods, beasts.

When the little humans saw that vision, they thought of the moment when God said “Let there be light” to dispel darkness and create the world, and so they bowed before the Demiurge, calling him God.

And so people passed down to future generations the story of a single god who created the world with words, instead of the two gods of flesh and machines.

The first generation of the Gods

Once upon a time, the Demiurge used his power to give shape to the formless natural forces of the world. Through this act, the first Generation of Gods took form and rose from the earth, they were called the first Divine beasts.

They were the first Gods of earth, extremely powerful, as each of them represented the concepts of the mortal plane. There were countless Divine beasts on Earth, each with a different form, but they all shared the common trait of being hybrid forms between humans and animals.

The Divine beasts loved humans very much and helped protect them. They created trees, bestowed abundant harvests, and some taught humans hunting, some even magic.

Humans loved and respected the gods, the gods helped and protected humans as well. This era was called the First Age of the Gods.

And from above, Demiurge smiled.

The end of the first generation of Divine beasts, and the beginning of the second generation of Divine beasts

In the first era, under the rule of the Divine beasts, human civilization began to develop extremely, marking an era where both science and magic existed in harmony.

It seemed like that glorious era would exist forever, but then the gods gradually realized that what they taught humanity began to lead to conflicts. Nature-loving people began to fight against the decay of death, disease against treatment, peace against war.

These conflicts of human thought about which thing is the greatest began to affect the Divine beasts. They began to have thoughts about the concepts they represented being the greatest, and then conflicts began to arise from there. The Divine beasts started to destroy each other in a competition to see who was the greatest.

Oh, foolish little humans, and foolish gods. They didn't realize that the mortal plane needed all of their concepts to maintain its existence, but they were too blind to see that truth.

The war of the Divine beasts lasted for countless eons, their ambitions grew bigger, and bigger, to the point where they wanted to replace the Demiurge and dominate the universe.

And one of them came up with a way to do it.

There is a Divine beast named Yzakad, a half-man, half-snake creature that represents the mind, and he believes that the Mind is the greatest thing. Yzakad always believed that the god who created them, or the Demiurge, was a liar, so he planned to overthrow the Demiurge.

Yzakad found an ancient artifact hidden inside a snowy mountain peak that could help him overthrow the Demiurge.

The artifact seemed to have a mind of its own, as it was the one that guided and whispered into Yzakad's ear about where it was located. So, why is that artifact that has such great power?

The answer will likely never be known, as Yzakad's records of the artifact were destroyed when the Great Cataclysm occurred. But according to the few remaining clues, it appears to be overlapping gears, from each gear flow streams of water that can turn organic flesh into metal.

Whatever it is or what form it takes is unknown, but we only know that it holds great power within it.

Yzakad built a machine to exploit that power to create a secret weapon that could even kill the Demiurge.

However, Yzakad failed to harness that power, which then led to the birth of the "Destroyer", and from that, the Great Cataclysm began.

If from chaos comes order, then from order comes chaos.

The Destroyer was born from the water droplets of the artifact's gears after it created an explosion from Yzakad's overexploitation of energy.

The Destroyer headed towards the battlefield of divine beasts, began absorbing them all into its body created from black mist.

One by one, the Divine beasts were absorbed until there was no one left. The Destroyer then headed towards the blind idiot god Demiurge in the sky.

Demiurge also saw the creature and what it did to the divine beasts. The two soon engaged in a fierce battle, with the destroyer's body; born from "the polar opposite of the Demiurge," making it painful for the blind idiot god to touch.

The Destroyer quickly finished off Demiurge, but before his death, the blind idiot god quickly sealed the Destroyer underground to prevent it from harming humans.

So the first generation, or First age of Divine beasts ended, opening the Second age of Divine beasts and humans once again.

The Demiurge's blood poured down and created a giant flood that swept away everything, including human civilizations at that time.

Fortunately, a few humans still survived, but it was also unfortunate that they had forgotten all knowledge of powerful technology and magic, leaving only a few who still remembered the teachings about the magic of the Divine beasts.

Humans began to return to the Stone Age once again, with the glorious era under the rule of the previous gods now only reduced to oral stories passed down to future generations.

But how can the world function without it bones? How could fire, wind, mountains and emotions lack the things that steer them in the direction they most ought to go to create the harmony for the worlds? And so, a new generation of Divine beasts began to rise, opening a new era rule by the Gods.

However, like the First generation of gods, this new generation of Divine beasts were tyrants who considered themselves worthy to rule the world. Similar to the previous era, the new generation was soon destroyed. However, this time it was not caused by their own hands, but by the hands of humans.

The fact that a female hunter named Lilith hunted the Unnamed Beast and defeated it was a call for humanity to stand up and overthrow the Divine beasts, opening an era dominated by humans.

And then the third era began, the era of man.

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