Hither and Thither
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My youth was spent alone sailing on amber seas,
Cradled in dim vessels, haunted by noisy ghosts.
I was on a journey I thought would never cease,
Loving the briny waves, longing for foreign coasts.

I emerged finally from my bloated carcass
And dried my newborn wings in a newfound sunlight.
Golden dunes, dark jungles and fields of verdant grass
I explored hungrily in my frolicsome flight.

I found a dreamed-of land, a place to ease all pains.
Nestled in gentle hills, a garden of delight
And smiling down at me above lofty mountains,
A perfect shining sun wreathed in a deep black night

I'm a welcomed stranger in hospitable lands.
Accept the gratitude of an undeserver:
I would rest in a grave dug here by my own hands
To keep this garden green and blooming forever.

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