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My steps have become larger, and yet in my mind you were so vast, I never thought I could see all of you

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when your streets seem smaller, but the realization still feels like a boot pressing down on my chest

I walk past the bookstore, its walls peeling and shelves empty.

The woman taking my order at our favorite restaurant isn’t the same. She doesn’t smile like the old one did.

I feel so small

I walk past my school, observing hills that used to feel like mountains. The orange flowers still grow there.

New kids run up and down the fields, playing the games we used to love. Do you remember?

I feel so small

Do you remember how my little sandals would fall off on your beach?

Do you remember the wild screaming of geese?

Do you remember my snaggletoothed smile?

Do you hold me in your mind? Do you wrap your arms around me like I do you? Do you dig your nails in?

I feel so small

Do you remember the ice cream shop?

Do you hate how much I’ve changed?

It’s okay. We’re both different now.

Do you miss the little girl who used to rip grass out of the ground for potions?

I feel so small

I do.

Will you still hold me?

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