How the Twin Gods Perverted the Soul
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The Creator gave many gifts to its creation, least of which being their power. It had given the supposed “gods” a specific and misleading task: “open this door”. Of course, on that day- the last and first day that the gods gathered in unison, and their Creator offered them their purpose- the door would not open despite their attempts to unlock it, break the seal, or force it to budge. Intent to succeed at a later date, the gods parted ways to their separate lands of birth, bearing the gift of creation on their shoulders, and began their work to hopefully create something that could free their Creator in due time.

During this endeavor, Soul was hatched from the primordial shell of the earth. Merely conscious beings before, Soul gave something strange and wondrous to those who were chanced with its gift: the ability to imagine. Before, the gods had the mere glory to study the darkness and ask “why?”, but Soul gave the ability to create a light.

However, as previously mentioned, Soul was a chance gift, and not even half of the gods were blessed with its grace. Within the land of Zenia, a whole three of the four were blessed; In Nomania, a single of the twelve was gifted; In lowly Varghan, neither of the twin gods received the vision.

The two gods of Varghan, whose true names are indecipherable in all tongues but their own, and are known simply as Him and Her, whos pride rises higher than all else who claim the earth as their home, and whos hold on Varghan’s vicious beasts run uncontested and steadfast, were unphased. They had their land, their life, and their power, and imagination seemed like a detriment more than anything. The gods who received the supposed “gift” were growing faulty in their typical duties, and instead busied themselves in exploration, discovery, and self growth over the task at hand: opening the door.

However, strangely enough, the Creator favored the development. As the gods worked tirelessly at doing anything but opening the door, the Creator seemed to favor and wonder at the creations they made. Him and Her tried to redouble their efforts to entertain the Creator, but their systematic, calculated approach to life was overshadowed by the abstract and free form of their cousins. Him and Her, with no vision, were left bitter, and hellishly envious.

In a fit, Him swept a hand over the lands of Zenia, and swept up as much as he could grab before the land’s gods could even notice his arrival. Triumphant in his grand theft, he returned to Her, cargo in hand, and laid his claim at their feet.

“Behold!” he exclaimed, “I bring light!”

He presented the prize: a fish, a wolf, a slug, a bird, a pig, and a man.

For days, the two prodded at their fortune. They were confused; all were clearly products of Soul, bearing a strange, artful pattern to their fibers and pores, but only the man had claim to imagination. They studied and studied, and attempted to lock down what made the Soul work, but as the days, weeks, and years wore on they were no closer to a solution.

“It asks questions,” observed Her, “yet comes to and accepts irrational conclusions.”

Man continued to observe and become dumb in the twin gods eyes, for every question and phenomena the gods could manifest and present offered still less of an answer to how the creature thought.

In time, the gods simply grew angrier and angrier. Him attempted, once more, to take a handful of men, and was successful in his task, yet the bringing of more into the equation only complicated it greater. He kept grabbing ever more, in vain, to reach some sort of overflow when it would all make sense, and the secrets of Soul would unravel, and present itself clearly to the envious pair. The favor of the Creator continuously lied in those who made art and imagined, and the twin gods were left without the light of their master. In rage, Her grabbed a handful of men, and pried them open, hellbent on finding the passion within them.

In a spark of sudden insight, Her thought to copy man.

Observing Varghan in all its majesty, Her reasoned that man was simply too frail to survive any time in the land, and reasoned that the copy would be larger, and stronger. The god reasoned that man must be made hard, fast, and adaptable to live in the lands- the absolute apex of their complex system. Man was twisted, stretched large, bloated to accommodate, bulked to strength, maximized to specification, and started over once more when the creation failed. Her continued in the task, stretching man into something- anything with Soul and reason, and each time the creation was discarded. Hundreds of failed results thrown into the dark pits of Varghan, left to rot in their own failure in the eyes of god.

Finally, the god gave up. Her and Him- who had returned with yet another handful of men- looked into the pits, observing their writhing failures. Creatures which talked like men yet had no Soul, those with Soul that only shrieked in pain, those who merely lay limp on their comrades, and thousands more in indescribable states of terror, fear, anger, and desolation.

However, Him spotted something peculiar in the mass. A single being, who shined strangely in the crowd. Him reached down into the dark abyss, and pulled out the creature; large, hunched, hag-like, avian, with burning, cyclopean features. But most importantly, a peculiar flame burned in its malformed heart. It burned slow, cold, and weak, but it perplexed the two gods.

Carefully, Her plucked the beast into its own hands, and asked, hesitantly, “What are you?”

After a second to think and observe, the humble beast simply answered, with honesty, “I do not know.”

Finally successful, they placed their creation on the highest peaks of Varghan, displaying its power and Soul for all to see. Though, in their eyes, it was weak, frail, and nearly broken, the beast was their greatest accomplishment- greater than any drake that roamed the mountains, the serpents that swam the sea, or the wyverns that ripped the sky. Her spoke down to the beast, and, smiling, proclaimed, “You are what you are, and you are irrational and dumb. Spread your abhorrent glory, vermin.”

The creature understood, and went on its way, finding dark home in the jagged peaks of that deadly land.

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