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Mirrors shine within the moon
Wreathed by wisps of darkened mists
Scratched and scarred by shreds of clouds
Shadowed solitude persists

Softly treading, stealthily sheer
This fantasy drifts and soars
One who stops to see this sight
Recalls no tears, no nevermores

Rooted fast, by vision’s dance
Long-lost vows and promises
Whispers of a selfsame peace
It preys on where wishes live

Souls who seek this sky-born lie
Sleep in stone, devoid of light
Someday soon they’ll cease to stand
Shattered in the dead of night

Desire drives their gaze to stay
Enshrouded in their endless flight
It is not worth the price they pay
These poor lost souls seeking respite

So search the skies and turn away
Until the false promise is past
Should you be sorely tempted yet
Remember this—dreams never last.

- recovered from the sands of the Mojave Desert

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