I keep peaches where ants can reach them
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the year after your breakup

Do you remember the box of peaches in the mail

that came for your landlord on vacation?

She'd be gone for days

so we thought we could eat them so solacing

Sweet pink fur in beautiful foam soft we asked her

could we have them so bright

But she'd rather let them spoil.

Still, we secretly shared the roundest with my dad, ran to

the grocer, bought a cheap peach to fill the half-moon gap

felt so sneaky

sticky felt so sweet

your hair was still so long it caught sugar on your lip

how i loved replacing. Still do.

we left the cedar box in the kitchen and the secret peach never spoiled
brought in ants under the dirty glass door
from the lily patch through the back eager for hot yellow sugar
thought they were pillagers but really only there to replace the peaches
they were so careful and quiet, so polite.

We hoped she wouldn't notice and she never did

but it makes me wonder should i get us peaches sometime?

Replace the ones we ate

or didn't eat,

replace the ones the garden creatures had

replace them again when we eat them again?

string of sunset skins and crisp bites

beautiful brown house of apricots and nectarines,

sweet lily ants circling the kitchen, thousands

well i know you don't see it;

bruised like a beating, baked in ugly bugs,

too soft and sweet for someone as smart as you,

a subpar replacement.

I'll get them for me then,

take one to the grass and split it with you, just one grocer's peach

nobody's baby, nobody's pride

but still a sweet thing. Then,

i'll bury the pit under the green
and come home with a thousand fragrant fruit.
I'll watch the ants all pace around me.
put the peaches in the pantry

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