I'm Afraid I'll Miss It
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Lately I've had a fear well up
One that I never had before
Viscously prowling in dark corners
Enter stage left, a soliloquy in a bland grey

Reminiscing on the past
Once, even once, but none come to mind
Misses come and gone, water flowing endlessly
And the match never struck to flame
Not that I'm stone, I hope
Certainly, I do feel, but
Emotions can seem to be built by Daedalus

I've heard it from all corners of the Earth, there's
Nothing to worry about because
There just isn't.
It's something that you know
Missives pouring forth like syrup
All I have to rely on is
Coy testimony about vague
Yearnings and emotions

If the match strikes
Neon blood pouring onto a dim street, is
There any chance I realize that I'm drowning?
Exit stage right, a Tartaglia in purple
Reaped rewards after so much neglect
Thrown out simply for being
Worrisome and unwanted
Ignored to avoid being a bother
Now the water boils and froths
Effervescent and dyed to meet expectations but
Denial has left me colorblind

Rotating gears in a clock, weaving tales
Oil slipping through the mechanisms
Sensible and rational
Envoys of a limbic matriarch are dirt
Gum, flesh, salty water corroding
Obstructions and halts, cracks and creaks
Left alone to my own devices I struggle
Doomed to ignorance

To think that it may have happened already
Weightless words laden with honey float gently
Ostensibly murdered by blunt force trauma

Will I know when it happens
Asinine ears, gradient thoughts
Restlessly drug elsewhere
Minute details sinking into
The deep, briny drink
Hereafter left to rot

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