I See Rainbows Encircle the Moon
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sometimes I tell people I’m scared
of the sun because it’s too bright but to me
sunlight is a rainbow through

a silky blanket. of dust will stifle
diversity of thought and is designed not to destroy
the penitents but does rely on their belief to maintain

a golden atmosphere. makes cathedrals holy
but their radiance is too harsh for me so I walk along
the cliffside beach stuffed with waves of orange

fish. feed the trees every spawning season
and when the leaves sing opera I don’t leave because
I savour all those stars found in the forest’s

romantic gloom. tells stone and andesite
to drape violin strings of glow-worms
through those bat-churches I walk beneath who too hate

morning. sunlight blinds because summer
regardless of season arrives like funeral
candles blazing in memory of everyone

except for everyone else. is inside so I
leave because like church sunlight destroys
whatever it was you were born with.

Went to an LGBTQ+-friendly church recently and it still felt suffocatingly conformist and blinding to anyone who isn't like you.

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