i warned you
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when you said you loved me
i warned you
"i am hard to love"
"i am a broken soul"
"i am slow to trust"
yet you smiled
and said
"then i will love you harder"
"then i will put you together"
"then i will wait for you"
so i offered my hand
and you took it
and ran off with my heart

when you kissed me
i warned you
"i am scared to lose you"
"i am scared to hurt you"
"i am scared i'm not enough"
yet you brushed my hair
and said
"you won't lose me"
"you won't hurt me"
"you are enough"
so i offered my love
and you took it

when you married me
i warned you
"i am not perfect"
"i will fall apart"
"i will break"
and you held my hand
and kissed me
and said
"we'll weather that storm together"

so i bare myself to you now
broken and beaten
bare and vulnerable
shouting "is this enough?!"
fear scores my heart
dread drowns my soul
and tears flood my eyes

yet you hugged me even so
and said
"yes, this is enough"
and i melted into your arms

when i said i loved you
you warned me
"now you'll never get rid of me"
and i smiled
and said
"that's fine by me"

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