If They Have Eyes
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If They Have Eyes

If they have eyes
Surely they can see
How loudly I plea
As my tether unties

Away I float
Warnings blast in my ears
My mind racing, the turning of gears
Stranded in space, without any hope

For hours I sit there
Alone with my thoughts
Feeling filled with fraught
Letting out a silent prayer

Pitiful cries left unheard
In the empty uncaring void
Any hope of rescue all but destroyed
The oxygen low, my vision blurred

Quietly I breath in
As my eyes they start to close
My heartbeat begins to slow
As my head begins to spin

The mind it begins drifting
Towards the star filled skies
No plan can I devise
As my soul begins shifting

Into the stars, my soul takes flight
As I will soon dissapear
From all I hold dear
And I say, my final goodnight.

— Roch Glacáin's Tales of the Library, Volume 3: Explorations of the Gravitorium and What Lies Beyond


Farewell, Wanderer.

With thanks to Luxaiko and Snapdragon133.

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