Ignota's Mycotherapy
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C. Ignota's Office

After what feels like years, the door to the back office creaks open. A man with grey skin and arms just a bit too long for his torso walks out past you. He gives you a nod and a pleasant smile as he leaves. He's not wearing a mask like you are; he was here for something else. A voice calls from the room behind him.

"Come on in!"

You follow, stepping into the office. It's another small room, just as cozy as the waiting room. More brightly colored fungus grows from the walls here too. C. Ignota sits in a cushioned green chair and gestures for you to sit on a recliner perpendicular to them. It creaks as you sit down.

"I wasn't too hard to find, was I? I know some people struggle with the Ways."

You shake your head and they smile.

"Good, good. Now, would you mind describing what you're here for today?"

You have no trouble with that.

>Go to the Waiting Room?

>Go Outside?

>Go up the Attic Ladder?

A Small Bookshelf Sits Across The Room

Playing Pretend by IronShears
Playing Pretend

"It must've been some deep-rooted instinct that evolved over countless generations to keep me safe."

The Bramble Hedge by IronShears
The Bramble Hedge

"Before the plague of consumption spread across the land she had dreamt of becoming a doctor."

'Mutualism' by IronShears

"Conventional mental health care is great… until it's not made for you… I know how frustrating that can be."

Owlpede's Disaster Scrapbook by IronShears
Owlpede's Disaster Scrapbook

"You know! To keep track of all the accidents."
(This one is an HTML5 project you can play)

p/partnerships by IronShears

"OP is this your first time dating out of your species?"
(This is an open collab page I started.)

the world will have to wait on ustoday. by IronShears
the world will have to wait on us today.

"I squeeze her little body to feel the warmth she has left. It must've been just before I went to wake her up."

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