In The Black Sea
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Thousands and thousands
Of shiny red pentagrams
Splattered over the Black Sea,
Being as alive as It
Will ever be.

Glimpses and flashes
Of feral imps
Festering on virgin fires.
The iron mixing with the sulfur
Transforming devilish laughs into
Frenetic chantings.

Mosquitoes and flies
Addicted to the alien meat
Splattered over the surface
And the waves of the Black Sea,
Being as dead as It
Will ever be.

Drowned regrets
Lost deep down in
Cold, turbulent sands
Like a final mass
Led by ghost apostles between
Dispersed cemeteries.

All of that, and much more
In the Black Sea, brimming in
Ecstasy and nectar, smiling at
The Red Moon, his eternal
Ethereal love, as she's
Reborn in a black eclipse.

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