Inscriptions Or Marginalia
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For the secret of immortality, find a penny and pick it up. Then, find a red volume and turn to page 213. This will be crucial for your next summoning, as fatality is a guarantee.

- Found scrawled in the margins of "Summoning (Powerful?) Multi-Dimensionals And You."

Do you ever see the scribbles in book margins? I know I have. They're usually either the normal notation time, or someone playing around. Leaving silly goose chases through the book. But it isn't so simple. I've seen them, cryptic scribbles of a certain hand. It's looping,coarse, and distinct. I know he wants to be seen. Even when they tell me I'm nuts, I know better. His hand is steady, and he wants to be found. Well, he's got it.

- A journal found behind a red almanac.

Find a novel someone else lost. Then, turn to page 3

- Found upside-down in the table of contents for "Masaw Museums of the Woeful"

These instructions are some of the weirdest I've seen yet. But, I did follow them, and once again they bore fruit. A big, red romance novel had more instructions in it. I think I'm getting closer to them, the ink looked fresher than usual.

- A journal found behind a red almanac.

Hah! I know I'm catching up to him! The ink was still wet this time, and it had drips. That means he must have been in a hurry, unless he's toying with me, but he isn't toying with me because I am the one doing the toying. I'm gonna get him. Just gotta be patient.

- A journal found behind a red almanac.

Steal something free… then, if you're still free, turn to page 116.

- Scribbled in the appendix of "The Entrepreneurial Guide to Atomic Vehicles".

I did it. They're looking for me now, but I didn't get grabbed. I stole… robbed someone of a book they were giving away. I didn't know the best way to make it theft, so I knocked her down first. That seemed to work, especially when her dad saw me grabbing it he called me a thief. From then, I knew everything was going to work out.

- A journal found behind a red almanac.

Find a book you read before you turned ten. The answer you seek may lie on page 11.

- Found printed on the back cover to "Of Dreadlords And Tea Parties"

This is proof I'm onto something. I found a book I'd read when I was ten, some penny dreadful about Ronnie Ray Gun, and found something telling me to go to an appendix. My appendix, specifically. Since I don't have any books in my name, I'll have to look harder.

- A journal found behind a red almanac.

Just came back from the doctor. It was tattooed on. Told me to cut down a tree and print a catalog.

- A journal found behind a red almanac.

These journals were recovered from the home of "Alan Boyle", a late regular library patron who had been noted as having particularly obsessive habits. When his belongings were searched, several hundred texts were found stashed in and around his home. Each one had some sort of marginal note. None of the notes described in his journals have been found.

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