Instant Flushes and Mercury Bloodstreams Over Easy
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he looked too cooked up

a mound of sawdust and cadmium wax

transposed for razor wire and flesh

upon the buoyant, bentley–incisioned steps

of the tangiers

ascending, plexiglas palisades

over a bludgeoned dorado

tapeworms of overcoat wool and denim

grating dandruff and rivulets of acidic bile

into the centerfold ridges

of a little nemo necktie

“you’re dying” you whisper



sandbars skinned, flayed with gulfs—

inlets—shoreline beams

house’s differential covered by penalty


by dusk’s ektachrome lined vacancies that barreled, magnified


boreholes, all-you-can-glut—threads

lighter fluid

through bakelite gums

swimming in knotted directories—as the cadillac eddies—knotted back

trust-fund parasites fitted with cubic

meter plants amphibious

like the seamed fabric of a milkweed life preserver

over thermobaric streaks

a premature summer

saffron and lace and oxide caravan motels

decades snuffed

like a blood clot, gorged up in the disc of a stethoscope

dishpans of ten-cent refrigerated hamburgers and country fried aspirin

longing for the company of poisoned tylenol

crushing capsules and nautical turpentine

before they were projected themselves

to thread aspirin shoelace

through a aggregated

punch card, a fantail wake of

guttered aces, kings, clubs

secondhand flushes made so slick, vinylike

plinthed beneath a sleeve

soldering a capsule of fertilizer and eroding flesh

barring shut salvation army shoeboxes lined with

refrigerated dinners listing, entombed

in the ashen sands

a limbic wurlitzer cul-de-sac

begins to spark

palpitate, like the kneecaps of a hydrofoil

between the chromatic grooves

of his montgomery ward

diver’s watch

—when the evinrude cerebellum—



“no…it’s just economics.” he murmurs—as you position a bottle of chloroform jim beam—so ferrous, cerulean—upon extinguished lips

—“hypertension sold by the room, the runabout? isn’t that–what it is–

to shear the nylon moorings? to splurge, cross

examine–paper gulls and teletype printouts, gawk with a protractor

across scale models of a spliced havana,

a islamorada

fishing pier…one half— the floodgates southeast of soledad, dean martin, neapolitan castro sundaes,

waxed, linkaged matchsticks, the next—



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