Invocation of Kahek
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I give praise to Thee Oh Kahek
You who shapes the skies to Your Thoughts
And bends the land at a Whim

I give my wealth to Thee Oh Kahek
So that I may fully love and fully worship You
And free myself from earthly bonds

I give my body to Thee Oh Kahek
For my body is nothing beneath Your Power
And the flesh only impedes me

I give my mind to Thee Oh Kahek
As my mind cannot comprehend Your Grace
And is not necessary for my duties

I give my soul to Thee Oh Kahek
For my soul is Your beautiful Creation
And I am unworthy of it

I give my life to Thee Oh Kahek
For alive my love for You is limited and vain
And soon I will be free

Translator's Note – Priests of Kahek spent between ten and fifty years in a temple devoted to studying and communing with the gods. Once finished, they were ritually sacrificed in order to help them grow closer to Kahek. This invocation was recited by them at the beginning of service and during the sacrifice.

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