Irna Phillips Instruction Literature
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Katherine woke up smelling roses ground planted
Katherine got up smelling roses head aching
Katherine fucked up coming roses face blushed
Katherine when she awoke primarily forgot

Little fateful path looped a couple hours in the mind
Small thundering night caused a couple tremors in the limb
Little falling rain soaked a many hair on Katherine

Guiding light blinding dark general hospital special asylum

Her mother married out of wedlock in the dusty South
Her brother killed out of passion in the pretty North
Her father returned out of North in the uxoricidal East
Her sister left out of boredom in the pedantic West
Her cousin raised her out of need in the perfect center

Undying is a difficult business said her father soon
Unknowing was a painful industry said her to father next
Unseeing will be a true chance said her friend

"I walk debilitatingly to those who walk slowly for
I walk hastily enough to think what walks brief
I run lethargically to outwit who think they catch me
I sprint enthusiastically to paranoid places with eyeballs
I drive economically to save bucks for the soap
I fly the same airline to advertise what I do" says

Opera lasting fifty years gets a little difficult
Yet followers experience occasional lapses of glorious verse
The earliest poetry continues in twenty minutes
But none of it is ever fundamental storytelling

Seeing Katherine's face there is a little multi-camera

Cut to one shot and show it back real quickly
Cut to new verse and sing it back repetitively
But it reversed and slings it back to thee

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