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The swell of your chest
The beating of your heart
That singular twitch in your fingers.
You shut your eyes for a moment
Within you is everything
A dazzling universe
An organism of unimaginable chemical complexities
Understood, yet unknown

Chemicals suddenly titrate
Electrical impulse flares
The blood rushes through your ears
Files accessed by your cortexes
To yourself, you are an ocean of facts
Of things to examine and reconfigure

You have it
It was always within your grasp
It resided in your recesses
It begins to reveal itself coquettishly
And you snatch It

It made a home within your brainpan
Stalking like a wolf
Waiting for the prey to turn
And pounce

It is perfect
An immaculate conception
A treasure to be displayed
To cause awe

It works beautifully
A hundred gears turning
Clinking together expertly
With you as their engineer.

It will consume the next three weeks of your life.
Haunting your every waking moment
Your obsession, to be treasured
Your most precious possession

Pencil meets paper
Pen touches down on a notepad
Fingers rest on keys
Potential stored, ready to be released
A positron collider of energy within your mind

You begin. It is easy
Words explode like a waterfall
You are the flow state
You are writing
You are doing It

For you were It all along.

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