Items, Purchases, and Other Oddities Gathered by Agent Hopper on His Travels, as Catalogued by Archivist Silvia Haven (Abridged)

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Item(s) Description of Branch Retrieved From Method(s) of Acquisition Notes by Archivist Haven
30 zettabytes of documents, media, and correspondence (stored on reverse-engineered Maxwellist Devout USB drive) Unmasqued world, ushered by the Jailors causing the entire country of North Korea to be spatially displaced. Correspondence with the Branch's version of the Hand, publicly available and declassified Jailor documents, social media, Freedom of Information Act requests, bartering with The Sisters. This was when my doubts towards L.S., for bringing Agent Hopper into our ranks, were formally dissuaded. I can still feel the grin that was on my face, when the preliminary files were placed upon my desk. We've only scratched the surface of indexing the information we've found from it. Numerous subtle differences between this Branch's data encoding methods and the Unmasqued's have made it a slow, but not unrewarding, task.
An electronic handheld game titled "Doctor Wondertainment's Shooty Man's Vengeance" Mundane world, where everything related to the Veil gradually disappeared approx. in the early 2010s. Purchased from "Meryl's Discount Thrifts" in Soda Springs, Idaho. What an undignified swan song for the Toymaker of this Branch. Even more troubling was discovering the fate of our brethren; slain by Madmen who then cannibalized themselves. What quieted this world?
Two CDs of Alagaddan folk music covered by contemporary musical artists; a T-shirt labeled "I've got a Hanged King in my pants" followed by an arrow pointing downwards. Partially Veiled world, where the Kingdom of Alagadda was converted into an international "tourist trap" in the 1980s. Purchased as part of a "buy two, get one free" sale at a gift shop. Fucking capitalism.
Twenty stone tablets, with scripture in an unknown language etched upon it. Veiled world, where innovations in written communication and currency were not established for reasons currently unknown. Traded in exchange for a pen and five pieces of dried teriyaki jerky. The Linguists have been having the time of their lives attempting to translate these tablets. I'm still annoyed Hopper gave away the pen I'd loaned him in order to acquire them. Yes yes, I have thousands of them in my desk, but it was still rude.
A copy of Jailor correspondence, crumpled in Hopper's hands and smeared with blood not belonging to him. Unknown; Hopper refused to provide further details. Unknown; Hopper refused to provide further details. Hopper didn't shift for almost a year after returning, and didn't speak to us for just as long. What could've driven the Jailors to surpass both the Bookburners and Madmen in cruelty?
A patch of soil and detritus, whereupon Chrysanthemum seeds are mixed in. A realm where those who are adverse to nomenclature won against the Children of the Night. Gathered unintentionally during the man who hops between worlds' post-shift nausea from a garden which used to be a library. We're fortunate that Yggdrasil's surveyor was only gone but for a few minutes. Training for etiquette and safety when dealing with they who steal nouns was immediately assigned.
50 zettabytes of documents, media, and correspondence (stored on reverse-engineered Maxwellist Devout USB drive), sanitized beforehand by the Jailors. A world going through an apocalypse, where Djehuti, more commonly known amongst Scholars as Thoth, erased the mentalities of humanity and replaced it with those of birds. Downloaded from a Jailor database, with the assistance of "Avian Division" Agent Goslyng. Hopper and I got into a quiet argument about cataloguing the information contained within it. What if their attempts at "scrubbing" the vector were incomplete, or they intentionally lied about it? Hopper asked of me, "These Jailors are in name only, run by ducks and swans, fighting their Egyptian patron. Why in the hells would they try to screw us over?" We stared at each other for minutes on end, but I could think of no counterargument. I'm still sending this to the Scanners; I will be taking no chances.
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