Jerry Williams
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Jerry Williams was standing before God.

The day was the Twentieth of July, 2011. To many, it was not of importance. However, for the Williams family, it was the worst day they’d seen in a long while.

That day, Jerry Williams, the elder of the Williams family, had a stroke on Peachtree Ave. They rushed him to the Emory Hospital close by, their heart beating at every thought of the inevitable, and gave him away to the vigilant doctors. There, they toiled and toiled with their toys to save him; however, they were of no use. On the Twentieth of July, Jerry Williams had died of a stroke.

Mr. Williams was a miniscule man, and as such, he had a miniscule death. He was the quietest in the room. The man with no exciting future and equally no exciting past either. Jerry Williams was a minuscule man. So that night, an underpaid priest came to make an underpaid speech, and there Jerry was, flying to the lands beyond.

It was an easy trip to those lands. All it took was a pair of bootleg angel wings given to him by an underpaid angel. There, he flew to the heavens, to the lands where he would face the one above.

At the top, he waited for hours upon hours in the endless lines of good and evil from the small place known as Earth. Some people got to skip the endless line, those who had significantly contributed to the human race, and others for which the angel said, “To hell with it!” and immediately dropped their sorry behinds to the fiery lands below.

For Jerry, though, he waited and waited. Stood until there were no others to look upon to the final endpoint, a land so pure a human couldn’t even fathom to imagine. There, an angel on his underpaid nightshift looked upon Jerry’s transcript, only to find nothing upon nothing done with his life. Nevertheless, nothing great also means nothing bad, so they let Jerry into a simple apartment at 5 Ouranos Ave, Heaven.

Jerry lived alone and meaningless at 5 Ouranos Ave, sad and depressed even in the happiest place ever. One day, however, things began to change. Jerry, the sad and lonely man, received a letter. It was an odd occasion for many strange reasons. Firstly, the envelope the letter was delivered in was a bright shining gold, something expensive with Earth money. Secondly, nobody ever wrote to the sad man in heaven, Jerry Williams.

Yet again, as suspicious as it was, company was company, and Jerry Williams opened the letter.
What was inside shocked the minuscule man. It was a letter from the Arch Angel!
Mr. Williams on Ouranos Ave was dumbfounded by that alone. However, what dumbfounded him more was the writings of said ArchAngel. Inside, it stated that a very particular old man wanted a visit from a resident of 5 Ouranos Ave. Jerry was that resident, and that old man was God.

It took three days for Jerry to make it to Father Time's house. First, he had to order an Angelride, or Uber as it is called on Earth. Second, he had to climb a great many stairs, which was the most exercise he had gotten since his walk on Peachtree Ave. And lastly, he had to actually find God's house, something hard to do in the land known as Ultra-Heaven. There were houses up here. Grand, mighty, yet humble houses that belonged to heroes, activists, and innovators galore. The search was challenging for a letter that, for all he knew, was just a figment of a sad man's delusion. After many hours, though, of knocking and knocking on many great people's doors, Williams came upon the last house on the peak of heaven. It was the least grand, most minor house of them all, a tiny spec upon mountains of art. Alas though, since Jerry had come so far, he knocked on the final door, and an ethereal voice answered: “I’ll be there in a minute!” with the sound of ethereal lofi music in the background of manic housekeeping.

After a few minutes of waiting, the door flew open, and the mysterious voice from before cried out: “Come inside, make yourself at home!” Jerry Williams then entered the small house and found a neatly organized room inside. After another few minutes of waiting, the mysterious voice then came out of an equally well-organized kitchen; that voice was the voice of God.

“It’s an honor to meet you.” Said the newly revealed God. The miniscule man stood there in shock. It was God! The almighty wanted to talk to Jerry Williams, of all people! Jerry Williams was standing before God! With tears in his eyes, Jerry asked: “Why me? Why, out of all the great people in Heaven, why me?”

God stood there, almost in a way, wondering what he should say next. After seconds of thinking, though, God replied simply: “Because you're human.”

“What?!” Said Jerry William.

God then elaborated on his words. “I could have picked a giant or a thinker, but I wanted to pick someone real; I wanted to pick a human.” Jerry, after hearing these words, was even more confused. “You may not have caused world peace, nor have you lifted a mountain, but you brought love to your neighbors, comfort to your son and daughter, and love to your wife. If that’s not what I wanted humans to do, then I’ll be damned by what it was!” God spoke those words with an air of passion that made the world tremble below.

Jerry, filled with a new sense of confidence never seen before, then confidently wiped away his tears and plainly asked God: “What would you like to talk about?”

God smiled and replied, “I would like to talk about Earth. How is it nowadays? How can it be better?” The two then talked for hours and hours, with a good amount of seriousness and jokes galore. They talked about everything, from overwhelming global issues to simple issues, such as why people are so prone to losing their car keys.

After many, many hours of deep and not-so-deep conversation, the day was finally over, and it was time for Jerry to return to Ouranos Ave. On the way out, God gave Jerry his number and told him to give him a call if there were any problems in Heaven.

That night, Jerry returned to his apartment, now looking not as dreary as before. The now not-minuscule man started writing out all the points he missed so that another human like him could deliver them to God one day, too.

As he went to bed to dream a sweet dream after a long period of mundane ones. That night, Jerry was as he was a long time ago, before taxes and mortgages and all the other strangenesses of life. He was, after many years of waiting, at peace with the world and peace with himself.

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