Journal Entries of Josefina Rodriguez
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Hello! I'm Florita, also known as Bingus or "That disgusting mangonada-chugger" to some people. This is where a majority of my work can be found, granted I remember to update this page when I post. Please feel free to enjoy my angsty poetry, or ridicule me for my fruit tastes, whatever floats your boat.


A message she gave me. Letter
Things I think about while in Santo Domingo. Tourist
An ode to my… first heartbreak? Maybe the second. Of Candles and Coconut oil
A poem about Merengue. Rhythm
Things I can never say to my mothers face. Mama
Horrible, horrible dreams. Memoirs of a Ghost
Closure. Perejil
Do you ever try to claim something that isn't yours? So much so that its like wearing another persons skin? Joy Comes to me in Different Shades of Red
My mental state is almost hilariously terrible. Smooth Stones
I have absolutely no idea how to treat people well, but he makes me want to try. Two Pendejos in a Pod
It's easy to fall prey to your more… intrusive thoughts. The Internal Conflicts of a Woman on the Subway
I constantly tell myself I don't like kids, but that's not really the whole truth What Couldn't be done for me
I just really hate most men in Greek mythology. Pygmalion my Love
Anxiety, but put into words. Disquietude
Why I'm not Catholic anymore. Conversations between a Priest and a Nonbeliever
I feel like the title is pretty self-explanatory. Spite
A ghost, some old people, and several hundred years of repression Peeping Tom
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