Journal Entry: The King o' the Cats
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Despite his name, the King of the Cats isn't a king at all! He's just a some what regular cat, if you ignore his ability to talk using telepathy, who has a very sad story revolving around my boss, Mister London.

It was around five in the morning when Mister London woke me up. I don't know how he found my address, but since that day I always check the lock on my door before I go to sleep. He started off with a very strange question.

"Miss Wolff, have you heard of the Cat?", he asked impatiently. I was still getting out of the bed, so it took me a few seconds before I replied to him.

"What?", I mumbled. Mister London was going from one end of the room to another, counting his steps.

"Come on Miss Wolff, we've got a case", he asserted and went out of the room. Only then I realised that he was in my flat at this of day and in dirty boots!

"Mister London, what are doing in my flat?!", I shouted so he could hear me from the bedroom.

"When you signed the contract with me, you agreed that I can visit your house at any time of the day", he calmly answered. "Now Miss Wolff, get up and get ready, we have a case".

When I finally got dressed, I ran down to the kitchen and found Mister London rudely eating in my home.

"What are you doing?", I angrily asked him.

"I didn't have breakfast", he replied without even looking at me. I came up to him and took his plate away. He got a bit disappointed, but eventually started talking about the case.

"A few streets away from here an elderly woman reported that her cat started to talk. For now, the DTC is investigating the woman's mental health, so we've got a few hours to interview the cat ourselves. Though it's unlikely that the authorities of the DTC will try to talk to a cat, there's a chance that they will take it away, or worse, kill it. That's why I woke you up, because we have a limited time. The DTC starts work at 6 am, so we need to hurry", he said. I nodded. While I was quickly having my breakfast, I got curious how London found my address.

"How did you find out where I live?", I asked with my mouth full of bacon.

"Life with a Brownie has its benefits", he replied without explaining what it means. I knew that he had a gnome-friend, but how could he find my address? After I hastily put on my clothes and brushed my hair, we set out to Mrs Elizabeth's home. It was a very small, old-looking, but clean flat. Mister London knocked on the door and winked at me, but at that moment I didn't understand why he did that. We heard footsteps, and a few seconds later, the door opened and an elderly woman was standing in front of us. She looked tired and nervous. She had big glasses and grey, unkempt hair. She looked quiet old, but had a lot of energy for an elderly woman her age.

"Good day Mrs Elizabeth, I'm from the DTC and this is my assistant", said J. London and quickly showed her his id card. She didn't even get a chance to read it before London continued. "We've heard that your cat started to talk, is that true?"

London didn't wait for an answer and went past Mrs Elizabeth to the living room. I did the same thing, but it felt a bit rude so I quietly apologized to the woman for my boss.

"You're from the DTC? Oh god", she sounded very nervous. "You will take my cat, won't you? Like you do with others? Please, I beg you, please", she was almost crying, so I tried to calm her down.

"Don't worry Mrs Elizabeth, we're not taking your cat, we just want to talk with you and him", I calmly said, and put my hand on her shoulder. Mister London gestured to me and I apologized and walked to him.

"What now?", I whispered to him.

"Miss Wolff", London whispered so loudly that even Mrs Elizabeth heard him. "From one to a mad squirrel, how dangerous is the case?".

I got quite lost, but decided to play along.

"Confused rhinoceros, I believe?", I replied. Mr. London looked at me with approval and then turned to Mrs Elizabeth with a serious face.

"I'm sorry Mrs Elizabeth, can we look at your cat?", he asked the woman, who looked even more nervous than before. I glanced at him angrily, but he didn't seem to notice it. Mrs Elizabeth nodded and took us upstairs, to her office. On a wooden desk was sitting an old, black as night cat. Its eyes were almost glowing green. I immediately felt that this cat had magical powers. The more you looked into its eyes, the deeper they turned. The slam of the door brought me back to real world. Mrs Elizabeth went out of the room, probably by request of London. He came up to the cat and started to examine it.

"What's his name?", I asked, but London ignored me. Then, I heard a voice. Not from somewhere in the house, it was in my head, almost like the cat itself started to speak to me.

"My name is William Tildrum, young lady, but my mother calls me Mister Dark", a deep, soothing voice said. I was unable to speak. The cat's eyes were brighter than before. He was looking straight at me and J. London noticed it and answered to the question he previously ignored.

"His name is Mister Dark", he replied and then waited for me to continue, but I was still in a shock. "Miss Wolff? Are you alright?".

"He's speaking", I quietly muttered, but London heard me. He looked at the cat and then at me.

"He's looking straight into your eyes!", he sounded amazed, but I didn't hear him. The cat started to speak again.

"I am sorry, milady, but cats are unable to speak with more than one person. I shall leave you for now to explain the situation to your partner", when William finished, his eyes became the normal colour and I was able to move and think again. He then switched his attention to my boss and I noticed the change of London's expression. I stood there for a few seconds in silence when London started to talk.

"I'm sorry", he whispered to himself, but I managed to hear him. I didn't understand why he was apologizing, but decided to see what happens.

The cat looked more aggressive than before and I feared that it might attack us. I decided to calm him down before anything bad happens. I slowly approached the cat and tried to pet it, but he hissed at me.

"Mister William, we're not from the Department of Thaumaturgy Control", I said, but London quickly stopped me.

"Case closed Miss Wolff. Let's go", London suddenly declared. During my work with him, I've never seen London give up on a case so quickly, especially if it involved talking creatures! Something was wrong and I knew it.

"No!", I argued. I'm not giving up so quickly. "We barely started and you're saying that case closed?"

"Case closed", slowly replied London, spelling every letter in that sentence. "If you want to stand here all day, talking with a cat like a crazy person, then go ahead. I'm going back to the office Miss Wolff", he turned around and went out of the room. I heard his footsteps as he was going down the stairs.

I got angry. We just started this investigation and London is already closing the case? Something was wrong, I saw it in his expression. I sat down in front of William. I need to find out why London got upset.

"What happened", I questioned the cat. He gazed at me with an uninterested look and then started to clean his paw. I carried on. "Tell me, or I'll hand you over to the DTC", I tried to threaten him, but it sounded better in my head.

"I'd like to see you try. I've lived on the streets for my whole life and some kind of human is trying to threaten me with a police? Don't forget that you'll also be under arrest for interacting with a magical being", said William with an irritated voice. I got embarrassed and decided to switch the topic of the conversation.

"Why did my boss apologized to you? Did he do so-", started I, but William quickly cut me off.

"It was a cold end of October. The leaves were falling, as the spirits of the forest started to fall asleep. I was here, in London, as a frozen and lonely cat. I lived on the street and ate from the bins", William shrivelled as he dived into the long gone memories. "While I was having my afternoon meal, I noticed a young boy who was slowly approaching me. I quickly turned to him and started to hiss. Every street cat knows that children are the worst! But this kid was unusual. He had a kind, curious face and his eyes glowed with friendliness. I decided that he wasn't a threat and stopped hissing at him. The boy slowly walked to me. I wanted to run away, but a weird sense of safety stopped me. I felt a warm, soft hand of the boy on my back and before I even realised it, he picked me up! The boy carried me to his home, which was a very clean, small flat, stuffed to the brim with various things. From bottles filled with strange liquids, to a watch that had four hands, he had all kinds of magical stuff. The boy fed, played and even slept with me. We became the best friends, it was a dream for me, to finally have a caring, loving owner. But it didn't last long. One day everything disappeared. I woke up in a cardboard box on the street. Cold and confused, I looked around to find my friend, but I couldn't. I cried and called for him, but he just vanished. The dark times of living on the street came back. Since that day, I promised myself to find that boy and pay him back for his actions. And today, I found him". As soon as William finished his story, he jumped on me and then ran away. I quickly followed him, but he was already gone. I was afraid, what is he going to do to London? I picked up my things and went downstairs, where I bumped into Mrs Elizabeth.

"Is everything okay?", she asked worrisome. I said that her cat was completely normal, without any magical abilities. She felt relieved and started to thank me, but I didn't have time for that. I need to warn London, but how can I compete in running with a cat? I quickly went past Mrs Elizabeth through the door and started to look for William. He was already crossing the road, so I had to think fast. I stopped a random car and told the driver where I needed to go. He looked confused, maybe even angry, but I didn't care. I slipped him a few pounds and he agreed to drive me there. In a few minutes, I was at London's office. I didn't see William anywhere, so I must have been the first to arrive. I knocked on the office door and it opened. I saw London, who, at first glanced, looked completely calm.

"Come on in", he said before I could even explain him anything. I noticed that his sounded exhausted. I sat down in front of him at the office desk. I wanted to tell London that he was in a great danger, but I didn't get a chance for it.

"Miss Wolff, I need to tell you something", started London, "Long ago, I met a cat. A cat who you've already met and whose story you've already heard. I'm not going to lie, what I did was wrong, but it was the only option I had. Please, listen to my version of how it all happened". I leaned a bit closer. "It was a cold morning here in London and I was looking for… well, it' doesn't matter. In any case, I saw a black cat. A cat so black that I immediately knew he was special. At that age, I was already interested in magic, despite the restrictions on its use. I knew that I had to take that cat with me and so I did. I named him the King of the Cats after a folktale with the same name. King was a very kind cat and I loved him very much. We played together most of the time and I even slept with him. I've never knew my parents, so it was nice to have someone sleeping by your side on a cold night", London sighed. "And then, they arrived. The agents from the DTC. It was still early in the morning and King wasn't awake. I was scared, scared what they might do to him, so I quickly put him in a box and went outside through the window. I was crying, but it was the only choice I had. I had to do it", he finished. I couldn't believe it. My boss never told me anything about his past, nor that he once had a cat! I saw a tear in his eye, but he quickly turned away and pretended that he was reading something.

"Is that true?", a deep, smooth voice asked me. I looked around and saw William standing behind the office window. I got up and opened it, despite William's previous plans, I knew that he probably changed his mind when he heard London's version of the story. It was a long shot, but I hoped they the could put the past behind them.

London noticed that I opened the window and turned around

"William? What are you doing here?", he asked with confusion. I could see that there was a private conversation happening, so I decided to go out of the room. I quietly closed the door and went downstairs where I sat down at my desk. I decided to write down everything that happened to me today.

When Mister London came out of the room, he refused to talk about what happened between him and William.

One day I met William again, walking on the streets. At first glance I didn't recognize him, but then I heard his voice in my head.

"Ah, Miss Wolff. What a surprise we meet again. I want to thank you, without you, nothing of this would have happened. Thank you", he said and then carried on walking, but I still wanted to ask him a few question. I quickly caught up with him and I tried to pick him up, but he got out of my hands.

"Are you crazy? Don't pick me up with your dirty hands, I won't be able to clean out my fur!", he almost shouted at me. "What do you need from me?". I didn't know how to answer him without raising suspicion of passers-by, so I bend over to him and whispered: "May I ask you a couple of questions?". He looked at me with an angry face.

"Miss Wolff, you and me are going to get arrested if you continue to do these frills of yours. If you want to speak with me, let's go to my mother's home", William answered and turned around the corner. I followed him to Mrs Elizabeth's house and went around the it to find a small, cat door.

"How do you think I'm going to fit through that?", I whispered to him, but he just walked through without answering. A few moments later, I heard a click, and a hidden door opened. It was made out of brick and was almost impossible to notice if you just walked by it. I went inside a small room, filled with all kinds of wooden boxes. Inside them there were apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables. William was waiting for me on one of the boxes. I sat down opposite him.

"So, may I ask you a couple of questions?", I kindly asked. The cat nodded and so I started the interview.

INTERVIEW ONE with William Tildrum
Me: So, how did you get your ability to talk telepathically?
W(illiam): Since I knew myself! I was able to communicate with creatures through mind and though since my childhood. I believe my mother possessed this ability too, but she died at a very young age.
Me: I'm sorry to ask this, but could you tell more about your parents and your childhood in general?
W: Yes. I was born in a cold country. I don't know its name, I was taken away from there at a young age. My parents were always kind to me. My mother used to tell me long forgotten stories of cat folktale. I always heard my voice in my head but never saw her open her mouth. My father often brought delicious fish from the nearest market, though sometimes he would also bring unwanted guests and we would have to run away from them. For the most part, my childhood was great, until one day my mother passed away. She became sick and, well, life on the streets has its dangers. She died and my father had to care for me all by himself. It was a hard, during winters we often were hungry, but my dad gave me his food. One night, he just disappeared. I don't know if he died or not, but I was terrified. "How am I going to care for myself?", I thought at that time…
Me: I'm very sorry about your parents. You mentioned cat folktale, what is that about?
W: Well, just like you, cats have their own stories. Often those stories include people as the bastards, but some of those stories become legends and myths. It's a long story, maybe one day I'll tell you about it.
Me: Okay. Why did you want to have a revenge on London?
W: Well… it's a bit complicated. You see, when I woke up that morning, I immediately remembered my childhood. The old memories came back to me and for some reason, I filled with pure rage. I wanted to kill London at first, but couldn't find him anywhere, until a few days ago. And then you know what happened.
Me: What about the folktale, King of the Cats? London told me that he named you after it.
W: King of the Cats? No cat will ever serve some kind of king. We're freedom-loving animals, not peasants!
Me: Alright, how did you find Mrs Elizabeth?
W: By a complete accident! This old lady fed me for several weeks until she finally decided to take me home and since that day, I lived with her a very happy life.
Me: Could you tell me what happened in the office? I went out of the room and my boss refuses to speak about it.
W: Oh, old London. He was always a shy boy, for as long as I can remember him. We spoke for a bit and then he explained to me that what he did was necessary. You see Miss Wolff, when the agents knocked on his door, he had to hide everything, including me! During those old times, the DTC considered every black cat a bad omen. He put me in a box and ran away. London told me that he had to live on the street for three days, because he was afraid that the agents might come back. When he returned, all of his possessions were gone. He was devastated, he worked so hard on collecting those artefacts and the DTC just confiscated them. As he said, "From that day I promised that I'll do anything to stop the DTC from destroying magic", and I guess he still lives up to that.
Me: What about his parents? London told me that he never had parents, is that true?
W: Well, London was always secretive about his past. He never told me about any parents, it's a surprise he was so open to you that day.
Me: Thank you for the interview.
W: You're welcome.

I went back to the office after speaking with William. Sometimes I see him walking down the street with a stolen fish in his mouth, or sleeping on top of the roofs on a sunny day. Despite living with Mrs Elizabeth for quite a while now, he still very much enjoys life on the streets.

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