The Journal of the Walk
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As best as is known, this Journal is still currently being updated remotely by its author. The author remains anonymous, but recounts his travels throughout what seem to be places in reality. The entries give no clue as to when they were written in terms of a broad historical timeline; regardless, readers have found the lessons and morals in their words and records to be timeless and for all ages. Unfortunately, no more than █ entries have been found in the same body of work. Below are those that have been found, donated, purchased, or otherwise retrieved.

Recovered Entries:

  • Wednesday, September 23rd, written under the pen name DrEverettMannDrEverettMann : Here, I was quite reminded of how heroics and strength alone are not the key to life. But it still helps to be very strong.
  • Saturday, October 8th : Sometimes, however, it seems that strength is not always enough; rather, it can be an ability to have faith, whether it is in a God or gods, that stands the tests of time.
  • Tuesday, December 9th : When man and man stretch into the boundaries of each other, they must take caution to compromise, rather than tread onto the beauty of nature—because when man hurts tree, tree hurts back. And trees have a better memory than most humans.
  • May 20th, written under the pen name Dr CuddlesDr Cuddles : I climbed up a mountain. I am not sure what I brought back down.
  • June 13th, written under the pen name Dr CuddlesDr Cuddles : Moons and stars do not provide much comfort on their own. But one time, I was with a plant and a dancer.
  • Friday, August 20th, written under the pen name Snapdragon133Snapdragon133 : One should always try to make the best use of their time.
  • Monday, July 19th, written under the pen name Din-BidorDin-Bidor : Who is braver? Those who confront fear, or those who forever keep watch over it?

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